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Case Reports Winter 2006, Volume 14 Issue 4: 237-238

Atypical presentation of a glomus tumour: A case report

CP White | DD Jewer

A 46-year-old man presented with an extremely painful, 1 cm, mobile, nodular mass located on the medial side of his right elbow. Symptoms failed to respond to conservative treatment. Ultrasound and Doppler flow imaging revealed a well-defined, round hypoechoic mass. Under local anesthesia, the mass was resected and the wound closed without complication. Final pathology diagnosed the lesion as a glomus tumour, solid type. Histology staining showed the tumour cells were positive for antibodies to vimentin and muscle actin. It is unusual for a glomus tumour to be located anterior to the medial epicondyle of the right arm. Hand surgeons most commonly encounter glomus tumours in the nailbeds of the fingers.

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