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Brief Communication September 2008, Volume 22 Issue 9: 771-773

Latent lymphocytic enterocolitis associated with celiac disease manifesting after resection for colon cancer: Case report and review of the literature

V Tangri | DK Driman | N Chande

Lymphocytic colitis, a cause of chronic watery diarrhea, is histologically characterized by increased intraepithelial lymphocytosis. Studies have associated this disorder with celiac disease, although there are no reports of patients with both lymphocytic colitis and colon cancer. The present case report describes a patient with lymphocytic colitis, which manifested five years after he presented with a cecal adenocarcinoma, and three years following a diagnosis of celiac disease. Pathological review of his initial resection specimen demonstrated lymphocytic enterocolitis, indicating a five-year latency in the presentation of this disease.

Celiac disease | Colitis | Colorectal cancer | Lymphocytic colitis | Microscopic colitis
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