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Table of Contents

April 2014, Volume 28 Issue 4
Pulsus Gastroenterology News
ABR Thomson – CN Williams Award / Pulsus Award of Distinction
Pulsus Group Inc
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CAG News Page
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Awards Presented at Canadian Digestive Diseases Week 2014
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG)
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H63D genotying for hemochromatosis: Helper or hindrance?
PC Adams
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Images of the Month
Groove pancreatitis: A common condition that is uncommonly diagnosed preoperatively
R Gupta, GS Williams, V Keough
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Benign tailgut cyst masquerading as a hemorrhoid
JM Leo, KM O'Connor, M Pezim, A Nagy, DF Schaeffer
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The trientine crisis in Canada: A call to advocacy
N Chandok, EA Roberts
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Original Articles
Practice and documentation of performance of colonoscopy in a central Canadian health region
H Singh, L Kaita, G Taylor, Z Nugent, C Bernstein
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Geographical variation and factors associated with colorectal cancer mortality in a universal health care system
M Torabi, C Green, Z Nugent, S Mahmud, A Demers, J Griffith, H Singh
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Iron overload is rare in patients homozygous for the H63D mutation
M Kelley, N Joshi, Y Xie, M Borgaonkar
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Computer-based virtual reality colonoscopy simulation improves patient-based colonoscopy performance
KS McIntosh, JC Gregor, NV Khanna
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Initial management of noncirrhotic splanchnic vein thrombosis: When is anticoagulation enough?
P Ravichandran, KP Croome, MJ Kovacs, A Lazo-Langner, R Hernandez-Alejandro
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Care of the liver transplant patient
M Bhat, S Al-Busafi, M Deschenes, P Ghali
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Letters to the Editor
Registered nurse-performed flexible sigmoidoscopy in Ontario
T Shapero
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A care coordination program to optimize management of cirrhosis: Real-life applicability and feasibility in the context of the Canadian health care system
S Carpentier, M Bhat, M Deschenes, P Wong, P Ghali, G Sebastiani
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