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Table of Contents

July/August 2014, Volume 28 Issue 7
Image of the Month
Mucosal bridge as a cause of dysphagia after surgery for esophageal atresia
L Chapuy, M Pomerleau, P Perreault, C Faure
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Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Exploring anthropometric and laboratory differences in children of varying ethnicities with celiac disease
S Rajani, A Alzaben, L Shirton, R Persad, HQ Huynh, DR Mager, JM Turner
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Invasive amoebiasis: A review of Entamoeba infections highlighted with case reports
C Skappak, S Akierman, K Novak, K Chadee, SJ Urbanski, D Church, PL Beck
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Novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for surveillance of dysplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
M Iacucci, T Uraoka, M Fort Gasia, N Yahagi
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Position Statement
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology position statement regarding the use of thiopurines for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
JK Marshall, AR Otley, W Afif, CN Bernstein, L Hookey, G Leontiadis, R Panaccione, B Bressler
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Original Articles
Clostridium difficile infection worsens the prognosis of ulcerative colitis
ME Negrón, HW Barkema, K Rioux, J De Buck, S Checkley, M-C Proulx, A Frolkis, PL Beck, L Dieleman, R Panaccione, S Ghosh, GG Kaplan
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Marijuana use in hepatitis C infection does not affect liver biopsy histology or treatment outcomes
T Liu, GT Howell, L Turner, K Corace, G Garber, C Cooper
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Poor 'real-life' negative predictive value of cross-sectional imaging in obstructive jaundice
BA Brunson, R Hawes, B Hoffman, S Vela, J Romagnuolo
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Small bowel obstruction following computed tomography and magnetic resonance enterography using psyllium seed husk as an oral contrast agent
YA Chen, P Cervini, A Kirpalani, PA Vlachou, SC Grover, E Colak
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CAG News Page
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Visiting Research Professorship and Visiting Clinical Professorship
F Boudreau, K Waschke, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
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