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The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL)
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April 2015, Volume 29 Issue 3
Image of the Month
A rare cause of esophagitis with crystal deposition
V Gaduputi, H Tariq, A Ihimoyan
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CAG News Page
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Awards Presented at Canadian Digestive Diseases Week 2015 / Call for Nominations: The 2016 Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Research and Education Awards
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
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Original Articles
Increased eligibility for treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection with shortened duration of therapy: Implications for access to care and elimination strategies in Canada
SM Borgia, A Rowaiye
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Risk factors for mortality in patients with alcoholic hepatitis and assessment of prognostic models: A population-based study
JX Pang, E Ross, MA Borman, S Zimmer, GG Kaplan, SJ Heitman, MG Swain, K Burak, H Quan, RP Myers
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Noninvasive methods, including transient elastography, for the detection of liver disease in adults with cystic fibrosis
MD Sadler, P Crotty, L Fatovich, S Wilson, HR Rabin, RP Myers
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Venous thromboprophylaxis in gastrointestinal bleeding
N Malhotra, N Chande
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Adult lactose digestion status and effects on disease
A Szilagyi
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Fecal calprotectin use in inflammatory bowel disease and beyond: A mini-review
B Alibrahim, M Aljasser, B Salh
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Letters to the Editor
Re: The new Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver HCV guidelines
EL Renner, RA Schreiber
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Re: PC Adams. Genetic testing for hemochromatosis: Diagnostic or confirmatory test for iron overload? Can J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2015;29(1):15-6.
G Low, G Huang, H Dharmana, Z Moloo, W Fu
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