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Table of Contents

December 2014, Volume 28 Issue 11
CAG News Page
Canadian Digestive Health Foundation Governance
DM McKay, R Fedorak
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The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Strategic Plan: Where are we in 2014?
D McKay, D Armstrong, D Sadowski, S Daniels, P Sinclair
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2014 Canadian Liver Foundation Research Operating Grant, Graduate Studentship and Summer Studentship Recipients
C Rose, J Feld
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Images of the Month
Esophageal stricture due to magnesium citrate powder ingestion: A unique case
A Assal, N Saloojee, H Dhaliwal
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Abernethy malformation: Congenital absence of the portal vein
L Kwapisz, M Wells, B Al-Judaibi
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Original Articles
Serrated adenoma prevalence in inflammatory bowel disease surveillance colonoscopy, and characteristics revealed by chromoendoscopy and virtual chromoendoscopy
M Iacucci, C Hassan, M Fort Gasia, S Urbanski, X Gui, G Eustace, G Kaplan, B Eksteen, R Panaccione
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Rates of minor adverse events and health resource utilization postcolonoscopy
V Marquez Azalgara, MJ Sewitch, L Joseph, AN Barkun
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Predictors of mortality among patients undergoing colectomy for ischemic colitis: A population-based United States study
MD Sadler, NC Ravindran, J Hubbard, RP Myers, S Ghosh, PL Beck, E Dixon, C Ball, C Prusinkiewicz, SJ Heitman, GG Kaplan
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Too many authors spoil the credit
E Shaffer
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Minor adverse events postcolonoscopy
C Dubé
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Biomarkers in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
MG Neuman, LB Cohen, RM Nanau
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Letters to the Editor
The hidden realities of endoscopy unit budgeting
SS Lee, R Enns
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How to explain recent multiple reports on the decline of inflammatory bowel disease in Canada
X Qin
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