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November/December 2015, Volume 29 Issue 8
Image of the Month
Novel strategy for pedunculated colon polyps after unsuccessful conventional therapy
S Fujihara, H Kobara, H Mori, N Nishiyama, Y Goda, T Masaki
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Hepatitis C and the sex trade
SD Shafran
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Letters to the Editor
Interferon-based hepatitis C antiviral treatment outcomes may be predicted by alanine aminotransferase levels
E Kelly, S Blach, H Razavi, C Cooper
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Cancer stem cell invasion of the hepatic microvasculature as a predictor of tumour recurrence following surgical resection in adult patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
W Bautista, J Klein, S Cuvelier, J Lipschitz, A McKay, V Perez-Alvarez, J Uhanova, GY Minuk
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CAG News Page
Join us at CDDW 2016
Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
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Original Articles
Gaps in the hepatitis C continuum of care among sex workers in Vancouver, British Columbia: Implications for voluntary hepatitis C virus testing, treatment and care
ME Socías, K Shannon, JS Montaner, S Guillemi, S Dobrer, P Nguyen, S Goldenberg, K Deering
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Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in liver recipients: Characteristics, management, and outcome from a single-centre experience with >1000 liver transplantations
K Mumtaz, N Faisal, M Marquez, A Healey, LB Lilly, EL Renner
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Yield of screening colonoscopy in renal transplant candidates
T AlAmeel, B Bseiso, MM AlBugami, S AlMomen, LS Roth
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Serum endocan as a survival predictor for patients with liver cirrhosis
N Toshikuni, K Ozaki, J George, M Tsutsumi
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Prevalence of celiac disease and celiac autoimmunity in the Toba Native Amerindian community of Argentina
H Vázquez, M de la Paz Temprano, E Sugai, SM Scacchi, C Souza, D Cisterna, E Smecuol, ML Moreno, G Longarini, R Mazure, MA Bartellini, EF Verdú, A González, E Mauriño, J Bai
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Mild clinical behaviour of Crohn disease in elderly patients in a Latin American country: A case-control study
JK Yamamoto-Furusho, A Sarmiento-Aguilar
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Prevalence and predictors of sleep disturbance among liver diseases in long-term transplant survivors
M Bhat, JM Wyse, E Moodie, P Ghali, N Hilzenrat, P Wong, M Deschenes
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Original Articles (Online only)
Retrospective study of the prevalence and clinical significance of hepatitis B virus precore and basal core promoter variants
M O’Brien, A Casselman, G Smart, A Gretchen, K Kaita, K Kadkhoda
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A 14-day course of triple therapy is superior to a 10-day course for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori: A Canadian study conducted in a ‘real world’ setting
Y-I Chen, CA Fallone
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Transperineal ultrasonography in perianal Crohn disease: A valuable imaging modality
EK Wright, KL Novak, C Lu, R Panaccione, S Ghosh, SR Wilson
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