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Table of Contents

November/December 2014, Volume 25 Issue 6
Adult Infectious Diseases Notes
A microbiological explanation for the obesity pandemic?
L Valiquette, S Sirard, K Laupland
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Pediatric Infectious Diseases Notes
That other EVD: Enterovirus-D68 – what’s it all about?
JL Robinson, S Suresh, BE Lee
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Original Articles
Micafungin compared with caspofungin for the treatment of febrile episodes in neutropenic patients with hematological malignancies: A retrospective study
S Shalhoub, L Wang, A Ching, S Husain, C Rotstein
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Triage and protocol recommendations for the parasitology laboratory based on an epidemiological investigation of parasite diagnostics in Ontario laboratories
A Maier, J Krolik, A Majury
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Special Article
CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network Co-Infection and Concurrent Diseases Core: Updated Canadian guidelines for the treatment of hepatitis C infection in HIV-hepatitis C coinfected adults
M Hull, S Shafran, A Tseng, P Giguère, MB Klein, C Cooper, on behalf of The CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network HIV/Hepatitis C Management and Treatment Guidelines Working Group
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Clinical Vignettes
A 71-year-old woman with recurrent falls and confusion
M Mehmood, ON Nadhem, FA Khasawneh
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Aches and pains with a shocking rash
A Chacko, S Mahant, A Petrich, A Wadhwa
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Therapeutic monitoring of triazoles: A needs assessment review and recommendations from a Canadian perspective
M Laverdiere, EJ Bow, C Rotstein, J Autmizguine, R Broady, G Garber, S Haider, T Hussaini, S Husain, P Ovetchkine, JT Seki, Y Théorêt
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Case Report (Online only)
The first case of locally acquired tick-borne Babesia microti infection in Canada
JMP Bullard, AN Ahsanuddin, AM Perry, LR Lindsay, M Iranpour, A Dibernardo, PG Van Caeseele
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