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Association of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (AMMI Canada)
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Table of Contents

March/April 2015, Volume 26 Issue 2
Adult Infectious Diseases Notes
Antimicrobial shortages: Another hurdle for clinicians
L Valiquette, KB Laupland
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Pediatric Infectious Diseases Notes
Childhood encephalitis in Canada in 2015
A Bitnun, SE Richardson
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AMMI Canada 2015 Annual Conference: Abstract Titles
AMMI Canada
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Abstracts (Online only)
AMMI Canada 2015 Annual Conference: Abstracts
AMMI Canada
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Original Articles
Public health response to a large-scale endoscopy infection control lapse in a nonhospital clinic
J Willmore, E Ellis, V Etches, L Labrecque, C Osiowy, A Andonov, C McDermaid, A Majury, C Achonu, M Maher, B MacLean, I Levy
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Prevalence of antimicrobial use in a network of Canadian hospitals in 2002 and 2009
G Taylor, D Gravel, L Saxinger, K Bush, K Simmonds, A Matlow, J Embree, N Le Saux, L Johnston, KN Suh, J Embil, E Henderson, M John, V Roth, A Wong, the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program
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Bacterial communities in neonatal feces are similar to mothers’ placentae
X-D Dong, X-R Li, J-J Luan, X-F Liu, J Peng, Y-Y Luo, C-J Liu
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Clinical Vignettes
Progressive left-sided facial swelling and proptosis
R Kumar, NA Lakhani, U Narsinghani
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A 52-year-old HIV-positive man with abdominal pain
T Mehmood, MJ Chua, FA Khasawneh
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A 19-year-old woman with pleuritic chest pain
FA Khasawneh, M Mehmood, RA Halloush
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Clinical Vignette (Online only)
A 68-year-old woman with recurrent cystitis
M Mutyala, RA Halloush, FA Khasawneh
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Case Reports
A cluster of Bacillus cereus bacteremia cases among injection drug users
MA Benusic, NM Press, LMN Hoang, MG Romney
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Empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans: A case report
S Edagiz, P Lagace-Wiens, J Embil, J Karlowsky, A Walkty
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Sepsis due to Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia associated with bronchopneumonia due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli: A case report
V Bîrlutiu
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