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Table of Contents

July/August 2014, Volume 21 Issue 4
CTS President's Page
A new chapter / La relève
J Bourbeau
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Pulsus Respirology News
Norman L Jones Award
Pulsus Group Inc
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CTS Announcements / Annonces de la SCT
CHEST 2014 - Registration discount for Canadian Thoracic Society members / CHEST 2014 – Rabais sur l’inscription pour les membres de la Société canadienne de thoracologie
Canadian Thoracic Society
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Clinico-Pathologic Conferences
A 29-year-old man with hospital-acquired cavitary pneumonia
M Mehmood, RA Halloush, FA Khasawneh
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Images in Respiratory Medicine
Middle lobe syndrome due to calcified adenopathy
A Arab, N Voduc, T Moyana, S Mulpuru
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Focused Review
Does prone positioning improve oxygenation and reduce mortality in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome?
WR Henderson, DE Griesdale, P Dominelli, JJ Ronco
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Original Articles
Do obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients underestimate their daytime symptoms before continuous positive airway pressure treatment?
G Leclerc, Y Lacasse, D Page, F Sériès
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Similarities and differences between asthma health care professional and patient views regarding medication adherence
S Peláez, SL Bacon, MW Aulls, G Lacoste, KL Lavoie
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Excessive daytime sleepiness among rural residents in Saskatchewan
JA Gjevre, P Pahwa, C Karunanayake, L Hagel, D Rennie, J Lawson, R Dyck, J Dosman, The Saskatchewan Rural Health Study Team
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Higher effective oronasal versus nasal continuous positive airway pressure in obstructive sleep apnea: Effect of mandibular stabilization
M Kaminska, A Montpetit, A Mathieu, V Jobin, F Morisson, P Mayer
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Management of necrotizing pneumonia and pulmonary gangrene: A case series and review of the literature
N Chatha, D Fortin, KJ Bosma
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Images in Respiratory Medicine (Online only)
Recurrent pneumothoraces and facial papules: An insidious pulmonary cystic disease
D Nachira, E Meacci, L Petracca Ciavarella, P Novellis, G Petrone, S Margaritora, F Lococo, P Granone
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Original Article (Online only)
Lobectomy in patients with cystic fibrosis
SI Sheikh, KS McCoy, NA Ryan-Wenger, A Patel, S Kirkby
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