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The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS)
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Table of Contents

September/October 2015, Volume 22 Issue 5
President's Page / Page de la Presidente
A new chapter / Un nouveau chapitre
D Lougheed
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CTS Announcements / Annonces de la SCT
Canadian Thoracic Society Scientific Program 2015 / Programme Scientifique 2015 de la Société canadienne de thoracologie
Canadian Thoracic Society
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Images in Respiratory Medicine
Finger-in-glove sign in congenital bronchial atresia
MA Ariza Prota, JL Diez Jarilla, A Prieto, A Pando Sandoval, P Casan
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Air pollution and children’s respiratory health
C Carlsten
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Focused Review
A new era of personalized medicine for cystic fibrosis – at last!
BS Quon, PG Wilcox
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Clinico-Pathologic Conferences
Pediatric sand aspiration managed using bronchoscopy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
KA Baqais, M Mahoney, K Tobler, A Hui, M Noseworthy
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Reversible pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with interferon-beta treatment for multiple sclerosis
E Gibbons, S Promislow, RA Davies, G Chandy, DJ Stewart, C-D Vladamir, C Pugliese, R Dunne, LM Mielniczuk
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Original Articles
Empowering family physicians to impart proper inhaler teaching to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma
J Leung, M Bhutani, R Leigh, D Pelletier, C Good, DD Sin
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Corticosteroid therapy in critical illness due to seasonal and pandemic influenza
P Yale, NK Adhikari, V Masse, RA Fowler, W Xiong, A McGeer, D Cann, W Rudnick, K Green, MO Meade, L Valiquette, F Lamontagne
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Past, present and future of respiratory research: A survey of Canadian health care professionals
ML Nonoyama, S Mathur, R Herbert, H Jenkins, M Lobchuk, M McEvoy
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The effects of outdoor air pollution on the respiratory health of Canadian children: A systematic review of epidemiological studies
LA Rodriguez-Villamizar, A Magico, A Osornio-Vargas, BH Rowe
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