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The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals Canadian Critical Care Society (CCCS)
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Table of Contents

January/February 2015, Volume 22 Issue 1
Presidents Page / Page du Président
We asked… you told / Nous avons demandé… Vous avez répondu
J Bourbeau
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Clinico-Pathologic Conferences
Pulmonary hemorrhage in cryoglobulinemia
G Kirkpatrick, T Winstone, P Wilcox, S Van Eeden
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Images in Respiratory Medicine
Bronchoscopic resection of a central typical carcinoid tumour
J Weatherald, N Hirani, E-L Beaudoin, A Chee
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CTS Announcements / Annonces de la SCT
Canadian Respiratory Conference 2015: Registration discounts / Congrès canadien sur la santé respiratoire 2015: Rabais sur les droits d’inscription
Canadian Thoracic Society
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History of Respiratory Medicine in Canada
Respiratory medicine and research at McGill University: A historical perspective
J Martin, K Schwartzman
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Withdrawing versus not offering cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Is there a difference?
SJW Oczkowski, B Rochwerg, C Sawchuk
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Original Articles
The association between obesity and outcomes in critically ill patients
S Wardell, A Wall, R Bryce, JA Gjevre, K Laframboise, JK Reid
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The association between sleep-disordered breathing and magnetic resonance imaging findings in a pediatric cohort with Chiari 1 malformation
R Amin, P Sayal, A Sayal, C Massicote, R Pham, S Al-Saleh, J Drake, I Narang
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Is there an association between symptoms of anxiety and depression and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
VF Parreira, RN Kirkwood, M Towns, I Aganon, L Barrett, C Darling, M Lee, K Hill, RS Goldstein, D Brooks
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Effectiveness of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor therapy for portopulmonary hypertension
JH Fisher, SR Johnson, C Chau, AT Kron, JT Granton
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Lung transplantation from donors after circulatory death using portable ex vivo lung perfusion
S Bozso, V Vasanthan, JG Luc, K Kinaschuk, D Freed, J Nagendran
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Focused Review
Climate change primer for respirologists
TK Takaro, SB Henderson
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Clinico-Pathologic Conferences (Online only)
Primary pulmonary synovial sarcoma: A case report with unique and impressive computed tomography findings
JS Kambo, B Richardson, DN Ionescu, T Tucker, G Kraushaar
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