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Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
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Table of Contents

October 2014, Volume 19 Issue 8
In Memoriam
Canadian paediatrics loses champion, advocate
NE MacDonald
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Caring for Kids New to Canada Highlights
Helping newcomers overcome barriers to health care
P Caulford
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Clinician's Corner
Case 1: A premature infant with stridor
D Jacobson, S Hollinger, J Seelisch, M Sauder, J MacCormick, E Ferretti
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Case 2: A seven-year-old girl with diplopia
L Narducci, K Nolan
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Discussing the need for an adolescent hepatitis B vaccine booster in infant vaccinees
M Pinto, D Scheifele
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Evidence for Clinicians
Atypical antipsychotics for psychosis in adolescents
DH Smith
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Original Articles
Paediatrician office follow-up of common minor fractures
E Koelink, K Boutis
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Prevalence of malnutrition at the time of admission among patients admitted to a Canadian tertiary-care paediatric hospital
J-AB Baxter, FI Al-Madhaki, SH Zlotkin
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A comparison of the epidemiology of ice hockey injuries between male and female youth in Canada
KE Forward, JA Seabrook, T Lynch, R Lim, N Poonai, GS Sangha
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Risk factors for positional plagiocephaly and appropriate time frames for prevention messaging
A Mawji, A Robinson Vollman, T Fung, J Hatfield, DA McNeil, R Sauvé
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Letter to the Editor
Re: L Craw, A Wingert, I Lara-Corrales. Are salicylic formulations, liquid nitrogen or duct tape more effective than placebo for the treatment of warts in paediatric patients who present to ambulatory clinics? Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(3):126-127.
C Samlaska
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CPS Practice Points / Points de pratique de la SCP
Sexually transmitted infections in adolescents: Maximizing opportunities for optimal care
UD Allen, NE MacDonald, Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee
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Vaccine recommendations for children and youth for the 2014/2015 influenza season
DL Moore, Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee
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CPSP Highlights
Redefining feeding and eating disorders: What is avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder?
DK Katzman, K Stevens, M Norris
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Re: RHA Haslam. Lead poisoning. Paediatr Child Health 2003;8(8):509-510.
Pulsus Group Inc
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Clinician's Corner (Online only)
Case 1: Unilateral leg swelling in a toddler
M Long, R Ramphal, N Abdeen, DL Johnston
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Case 2: Weight lost… and found
T McLaughlin, C Korenblum, I Loverdos, A Toulany
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