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Table of Contents

August/September 2014, Volume 19 Issue 7
Letter to the Editor
Re: R Wuerth, C Campbell, WJ King. Top 10 tips for effective use of electronic health records. Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(3):138.
J Freedman
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Erratum re: Canadian Paediatric Society 91st Annual Conference: Abstracts. Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(6):e35-e112.
Pulsus Group Inc
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Clinician's Corner
Case 1: An 18-month-old female infant with pancytopenia and hepatosplenomegaly
S Alavi, N Arabi
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Case 2: A three-year-old boy with fever and neck pain
E de Klerk, M Jackman
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Probiotics to prevent necrotizing enterocolitis: Too cheap and easy?
RS Taylor
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Short Report
Early term infants, length of birth stay and neonatal readmission for jaundice
CA Ruth, NP Roos, E Hildes-Ripstein, MD Brownell
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Evidence for Clinicians
Beta2-agonists for exercise-induced asthma
WG Smith
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Review Article
Recognizing and responding to parental mental health needs: What can we do now?
S Gupta, E Ford-Jones
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Original Articles
Canadian paediatric asthma action plans and their correlation with current consensus guidelines
ME MacGillivray, MP Flavin
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Paediatric sleep resources in Canada: The scope of the problem
SL Katz, M Witmans, N Barrowman, L Hoey, S Su, D Reddy, I Narang
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A simulation-based intervention teaching seizure management: A pilot randomized controlled study
E Sigalet, A Cheng, T Donnon, D Koot, J Chatfield, T Robinson, H Catena, VJ Grant
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CPS Practice Point / Point de pratique de la SCP
Lyme disease in Canada: Focus on children
H Onyett
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CPSP Highlights
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Who are the children at risk?
EJ Donner
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Original Article (Online only)
Sex disparity and perception of obesity/overweight by parents and grandparents
J Li, J Lei, S Wen, L Zhou
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