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Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
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Table of Contents

April 2014, Volume 19 Issue 4
Clinician's Corner
Case 1: An eight-year-old girl with short stature
D Yau, DS Saleh
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Case 2: A nine-year-old girl with prolonged fever and headache
T Bhate, TR Kollmann, K Hadad
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Original Articles
Procedural skills in paediatric residency: Re-evaluating the competencies
R Levy, A Dubrowski, H Amin, Z Bismilla
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Trends in the prevalence of cerebral palsy among very preterm infants (<31 weeks’ gestational age)
MJ Vincer, AC Allen, VM Allen, TF Baskett, CM O’Connell
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Paediatric pain management practice and policies across Alberta emergency departments
S Ali, AL Chambers, DW Johnson, WR Craig, AS Newton, B Vandermeer, SJ Curtis
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Review Article
From office tools to community supports: The need for infrastructure to address the social determinants of health in paediatric practice
F Fazalullasha, J Taras, J Morinis, L Levin, K Karmali, B Neilson, B Muskat, G Bloch, K Chan, M McDonald, S Makin, EL Ford-Jones
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Re: JG Hall. Epigenetics: What does it mean for paediatric practice? Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(1):27-30.
JG Hall
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CPS Position Statements / Documents de principes de la SCP
Prevention and management of neonatal herpes simplex virus infections
UD Allen, JL Robinson, Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee
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Red blood cell transfusion in newborn infants
RK Whyte, AL Jefferies, Canadian Paediatric Society, Fetus and Newborn Committee
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EPIQ Review
Use of bundled interventions, including a checklist to promote compliance with aseptic technique, to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections in the intensive care unit
CD Simpson, J Hawes, AG James, K-S Lee
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