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Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
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Table of Contents

April 2015, Volume 20 Issue 3
Letter to my Younger Colleagues
A sense of connection
G Frager
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Paediatric palliative care: There is always more we can do
A Rapoport, S Liben
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Canadian paediatic palliative care: Challenges and promises
A Lynk
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Questions to consider when caring for a child with a high risk of dying before adulthood
F Gauvin, C Cyr
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When health care professionals say “more” and parents say “enough”
RA Greenberg, K Weingarten
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When parents say “more” and health professionals say “enough”
D Davies, C Mack
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Original Articles
Charting the Territory: Children and families living with progressive life-threatening conditions
H Siden, R Steele
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Quality indicators for paediatric palliative care
J Charlebois, C Cyr
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Letter to the Editor
Re: P Mang’oli, J Theuri, T Kollmann, NE MacDonald. Ponseti clubfoot management: Experience with the Steenbeek foot abduction brace. Paediatr Child Health 2014;19(10):513-514.
MA Matos
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Clinician's Corner
Case 1: A primary care provider enhances family support in perinatal palliative care
C Chamberlain, S Spicer, K daSilva Curiel
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Case 2: A 10-year-old boy with leg pain and swelling
M Doherty, L Wheaton, C Vadeboncoeur
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CPSP Highlights
Paediatric palliative care in Canada: A national survey of paediatricians
C Cyr, M-H Maisonneuve
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Resources for Physicians
Introducing a lexicon of terms for paediatric palliative care
S Spicer, ME Macdonald, D Davies, C Vadeboncoeur, H Siden
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Extended Abstract
Enhancing the quality of palliative care for children with cancer: A nation-wide train-the-trainer educational initiative
K Widger, E Bouffet, S Friedrichsdorf, M Greenberg, A Husain, S Liben, JD Pole, H Siden, J Whitlock, J Wolfe, A Rapoport
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Challenging neurological symptoms in paediatric palliative care: An approach to symptom evaluation and management in children with neurological impairment
LA Rasmussen, M-C Grégoire
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Corrigendum. Re: Wong PD, Dave MG, Tulloch T, et al. Community health centres: Potential opportunities for community paediatrics. From interprofessional clinical care to board governance. Paediatr Child Health 2015;20(1):12-14.
Pulsus Group Inc
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