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Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
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Table of Contents

March 2015, Volume 20 Issue 2
Ensuring First Nations children's access to equitable services through Jordan's Principle: The time to act is now
V Sinha, S Wong
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To promote vaccination, physicians need to provide booster shots of information
A Picard
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Point-of-care ultrasound: An emerging technology in Canadian paediatrics
D Rosenfield, C Kwan, J Fischer
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Clinician's Corner
Case 1: A two-year-old boy with fever and widespread vesicular lesions
K Mitchell, L Redgate, R Jackson, J Lui
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Case 2: Severe headache and paroxysmal seizures in a 14-year-old boy with cyclic vomiting syndrome
Y-J Lee, GM Yeon, YM Kim, SO Nam
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Original Articles
Demographic characteristics and needs of the Canadian urban adolescent mother and her child
G Thompson, S Madigan, K Wentzel, B Dineley, S Lorber, M Shouldice
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An innovative on-call system for paediatric residency programs: The alternate night float
GP Moore, S Talarico, A Kempinska, SE Lawrence, DE Weisz
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Review Articles
Epidemiology and clinical management of tuberculosis in children in Canada
SK Morris, A-M Demers, R Lam, LG Pell, RJP Giroux, I Kitai
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Food insecurity and hunger: A review of the effects on children’s health and behaviour
J Ke, EL Ford-Jones
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CPSP Highlights
Liquid detergent packets: Small, brightly coloured, convenient and hazardous!
MT Do, M Herbert, J Maguire, M Laffin Thibodeau
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CPS Position Statement / Document de principes de la SCP
Preventing ophthalmia neonatorum
DL Moore, NE MacDonald, Canadian Paediatric Society, Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee
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E-cigarettes: Are we renormalizing public smoking? Reversing five decades of tobacco control and revitalizing nicotine dependency in children and youth in Canada
R Stanwick
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Original Article (Online only)
Time needed to achieve changes in oxygen concentration at the T-Piece resuscitator during respiratory support in preterm infants in the delivery room
G Follett, P-Y Cheung, G Pichler, K Aziz, GM Schmölzer
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