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Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS)
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Table of Contents

April 2007, Volume 12 Issue 4
Cross-training between paediatrics and otolaryngology -- A strong message
MC Fabian
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Paediatric and otolaryngology cross-training
E Wood
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Original Articles
An examination of the beliefs, attitudes and counselling practices of paediatric oncologists toward physical activity: A provincial survey
MR Keats, SN Culos-Reed, KS Courneya
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Sports medicine training in Canadian pediatric residency programs: Are we doing enough?
G Thompson, L Purcell
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'Tails' - A fairy tale on furry tails: A 15-year theatre experience for hospitalized children created by health professionals
A Rokach, R Matalon
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Evidence for Clinicians
Is montelukast effective and well tolerated in the management of asthma in young children?
GM Doherty, MB Smith
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Coroner's Corner
Circumcision: A minor procedure?
Paediatric death review committee, Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario
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Clinician's Corner
CASE 1: Sounds like trouble
CASE 2: Infant with lung nodules
RT Brouillette, E Constantin, CD McGregor, JH Chang, LA Boxer
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Questions and answers on immunization
S Wootton, D Scheifele
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Case Report
A sentinel fatal paediatric case of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Canada
J Brophy, Y Yau, P Cox, K Katz, A Bitnun
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Paediatric Infectious Disease Note
Community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Implications for the care of children
Infectious Diseases and Immunization Committee / Comité des maladies infectieuses et d'immunisation
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Practice Point / Point de pratique
The new Canada Food Guide
Nutrition and Gastroenterology Committee / Comité de nutrition et de gastroentérologie
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Information for Parents and Caregivers
Iron needs of babies and children
Canadian paediatric society
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CPSP Highlights
First episode of acute demyelination of the central nervous system: Should I worry?
Canadian Paediatric Society
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