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The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) The Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Groupe pour L'advancement de la Microchirurgie Canada (GAM) Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand (Manus Canada)
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Table of Contents

Winter 2015, Volume 23 Issue 4
Original Articles
Ischemic bowel as a late sequela of abdominal compartment syndrome secondary to severe burn injury
K Sun, BJ Hancock, S Logsetty
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Examining perception and actual knowledge change among learners in a standardized burn course
R Spiwak, R Lett, L Rwanyuma, S Logsetty
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Selecting the best and brightest: A comparison of residency match processes in the United States and Canada
EM Krauss, M Bezuhly, JG Williams
Abstract Full-Text PDF(L)
Goal-directed fluid therapy for microvascular free flap reconstruction following mastectomy: A pilot study
D Funk, J Bohn, W Mutch, T Hayakawa, EW Buchel
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Operating room waste reduction in plastic and hand surgery
MG Albert, DM Rothkopf
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The utility of C-reactive protein and procalcitonin for sepsis diagnosis in critically burned patients: A preliminary study
JJ Egea-Guerrero, C Martínez-Fernández, A Rodríguez-Rodríguez, A Bohórquez-López, A Vilches-Arenas, M Pacheco-Sánchez, JM Guerrero, F Murillo-Cabezas
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Intraoperative pulmonary function dynamics in adolescents undergoing reduction mammoplasty: A prospective case series
I Wiser, K Mahon, S Yaniv, E Ziv, NN Carmel, L Heller
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Use of tranexamic acid in craniosynostosis surgery
JP Martin, JS Wang, KR Hanna, MM Stovall, KY Lin
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Spreader graft placement in endonasal rhinoplasty: Technique and a review of 100 cases
M Samaha, A Rassouli
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Intraoperative venous congestion in free transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous and deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flaps during breast reconstruction: A systematic review
D-Y Kim, TJ Lee, EK Kim, J Yun, JS Eom
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Botulinum toxin for the prevention and healing of wound scars: A systematic review of the literature
A Prodromidou, M Frountzas, D-EG Vlachos, GD Vlachos, I Bakoyiannis, DN Perrea, V Pergialiotis
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Case Report
Meaningful power grip recovery after salvage reconstruction of a median nerve avulsion injury with a pedicled vascularized ulnar nerve
AC Van Slyke, LA Jansen, S Hynes, S Bristol, N Carr
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Oral Exam
Case 1: Basal skin cancer / Case 2: Bariatric surgery
KU Boyd, DA Peters
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Corporate governance and business ethics
DR McKay, R Nitsch, DA Peters
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