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The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) The Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Groupe pour L'advancement de la Microchirurgie Canada (GAM) Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand (Manus Canada)
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Table of Contents

Spring 2014, Volume 22 Issue 1
Does the ideal health care system exist? Will it be accepted in Canada?
JS Arneja, EW Buchel
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Original Articles
Long-term outcomes of major upper extremity replantations
WK Ng, MN Kaur, A Thoma
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Porous high-density polyethylene in functional rhinoplasty: Excellent long-term aesthetic results and safety
YH Kim, TY Jang
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Late unilateral hematoma after breast augmentation
W Peters, V Fornasier, D Howarth
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Reconstruction of post-traumatic full-thickness defects of the upper one-third of the auricle
HA Helal, NA-S Mahmoud, A-AH Abdel-Aziz
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Double free gracilis muscle transfer after complete brachial plexus injury: First Canadian experience
K Elzinga, KJ Zuo, JL Olson, M Morhart, S Babicki, KM Chan
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Un modèle animal simple pour l’apprentissage des techniques de microanastomoses vasculaires de congruences différentes
FM Leclère, F Kolb, GA Lewbart, V Casoli, E Voegelin
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Assessing patient safety in Canadian ambulatory surgery facilities: A national survey
J Ahmad, OA Ho, WW Carman, A Thoma, DH Lalonde, F Lista
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Auricular reconstruction: A review of available methods
N Baluch, S Nagata, C Park, GH Wilkes, J Reinisch, L Kasrai, D Fisher
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The evolution of functional hand replacement: From iron prostheses to hand transplantation
KJ Zuo, JL Olson
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Oral Exam
Case 1: Flexion contracture of the hand / Case 2: Immediate breast reconstruction
KU Boyd, DA Peters
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Life insurance: Ownership and investment considerations
DA Peters, DA McKay
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