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The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) The Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Groupe pour L'advancement de la Microchirurgie Canada (GAM) Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand (Manus Canada)
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Table of Contents

Autumn 2016, Volume 24 Issue 3
CSAPS Meeting Abstracts
Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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From WWII to Kingston, Ontario: The History of Queen’s University School of Medicine Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
K Chung, K Wyllie, J Davidson
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Original Articles
Distant blunt forceps dissection in tissue expander insertion: A novel technique
O Weissman, G Hundeshagen, J Bank, I Zilinsky, E Solomon, E Remer, G Rasner, J Haik
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Evaluation of a new tension relief system for securing wound closure: A single-centre, Chinese cohort study
Z Huahui, X Dan, J Hongfei, H Hang, H Chunmao, R Haitao, Y Jianxin, T Zhiping
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Evaluation of the complex treatment for congenital blepharoptosis
A Iljin, T Zieliński, A Broniarczyk-Loba, B Antoszewski
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An evaluation of accessibility and content of microsurgery fellowship websites
J Hu, M Zhen, C Olteanu, R Avram
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Triangular lipodermal flaps in Wise pattern reduction mammoplasty (superomedial pedicle), a novel technique to reduce T-junction necrosis
H Khalil, M Malahais, G Shetty
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Is antibiotic prophylaxis in breast augmentation necessary? A prospective study
E Keramidas, NS Lymperopoulos, S Rodopoulou
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Forty-five degree cutting septoplasty
Y-C Hsiao, C-S Chang, S-S Chuang, G Kolios, M Abdelrahman
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Assessing the effects of melatonin and N-acetylcysteine on the McFarlane flap using a rat model
S Tunc, E Kesikdas, Y Yilmaz, A Acikalin, G Oran, M Yavuz, E Gencel, C Eser
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Oral Exam
Case 1: Facial paralysis syndactyly / Case 2: Facial trauma
DA Peters, KU Boyd, DR McKay
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Mergers and acquisitions: Corporate inversions
DA Peters, DR McKay
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