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The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) The Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) Groupe pour L'advancement de la Microchirurgie Canada (GAM) Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand (Manus Canada)
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Table of Contents

Summer 2015, Volume 23 Issue 2
Original Articles
Influence of patient age on capsular contracture after aesthetic breast augmentation
PH Zeplin, N Corduff
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Microcirculatory effect of topical vapocoolants
I Galdyn, E Swanson, C Gordon, G Kwiecien, J Bena, M Siemionow, J Zins
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Nerve transfers for treatment of isolated axillary nerve injuries
M Wheelock, TA Clark, JL Giuffre
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Teaching facial fracture repair: A novel method of surgical skills training using three-dimensional biomodels
N D'Souza, J Mainprize, G Edwards, P Binhammer, O Antonyshyn
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Buffered lidocaine and bupivacaine mixture - the ideal local anesthetic solution?
CA Best, AA Best, TJ Best, DA Hamilton
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Accuracy of medical models made by consumer-grade fused deposition modelling printers
C Petropolis, D Kozan, L Sigurdson
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A technique for intraoperative creation of patient-specific titanium mesh implants
IR Sunderland, G Edwards, J Mainprize, O Antonyshyn
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Horizontal mattress technique for anastomosis of size-mismatched vessels
A Odobescu, SP Moubayed, E Daniels, MA Danino
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Mastopexy for breast ptosis: Utility outcomes of population preferences
AM Ibrahim, HH Sinno, A Izadpanah, J Vorstenbosch, T Dionisopoulos, MK Markarian, BT Lee, SJ Lin
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Persistent spontaneous synovial drainage from digital flexor sheath in proliferative tenosynovitis: Two case reports and a review of the literature
B Chin, K Cheung, H Farhangkhoee, A Thoma
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Oral Exam
Case 1: Hand tumour / Case 2: Thumb amputation
KU Boyd, DA Peters
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Tips and Pearls
A useful flap combination in wide and complex defect reconstruction of the medial canthal region: Glabellar rotation and nasolabial V-Y advancement flaps
E Kesiktaş, C Eser, E Gencel, EE Aslaner
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What is 'Lean'? An overview and its emerging role in health care
DR McKay, DA Peters
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Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons / Groupe pour L’Avancement de la Microchirurgie Canada (GAM)
Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
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