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Table of Contents

March/April 2014, Volume 19 Issue 2
Original Articles
The process of acceptance among rheumatoid arthritis patients in Switzerland: A qualitative study
Z Kostova, M Caiata-Zufferey, PJ Schulz
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Pain-related and negative semantic priming enhances perceived pain intensity
M Richter, C Schroeter, T Puensch, T Straube, H Hecht, A Ritter, WHR Miltner, T Weiss
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The effects of 2 µg and 4 µg doses of dexmedetomidine in combination with intrathecal hyperbaric bupivacaine on spinal anesthesia and its postoperative analgesic characteristics
A Yektaş, E Belli
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Transcervical intrauterine levobupivacaine or lidocaine infusion for pain control during endometrial biopsy
N Kosus, A Kosus, RI Demircioglu, S Simavli, A Derbent, EA Keskin, NO Turhan
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Gender expression, sexual orientation and pain sensitivity in women
JM Vigil, LN Rowell, C Lutz
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Reliability of subjective pain ratings and nociceptive flexion reflex responses as measures of conditioned pain modulation
C Jurth, B Rehberg, F von Dincklage
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Music as a sleep aid in fibromyalgia
LM Picard, LR Bartel, AS Gordon, D Cepo, Q Wu, LR Pink
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Overview of four prescription monitoring/review programs in Canada
AD Furlan, P MacDougall, D Pellerin, K Shaw, D Spitzig, G Wilson, J Wright
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