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Table of Contents

November/December 2015, Volume 20 Issue 6
The golden anniversary of Melzack and Wall’s gate control theory of pain: Celebrating 50 years of pain research and management
J Katz, BN Rosenbloom
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Position Statement
Position Statement on Opioid Analgesics in Pain Management – 2015 Update
Canadian Pain Society
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Original Articles
Physician-to-physician telephone consultations for chronic pain patients: A pragmatic randomized trial
AJ Clark, P Taenzer, N Drummond, CC Spanswick, LS Montgomery, T Findlay, JX Pereira, T Williamson, L Palacios-Derflingher, T Braun
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A prospective multicentre study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of osmotic release oral system (OROS®) hydromorphone in opioid-naive cancer patients: Results of the Korean South West Oncology Group study
E-K Song, H Shim, H-S Han, D Sun, S-I Lee, MH Kang, K Lee, D Cho, IS Cho, SY Park, S Kim, C-Y Yim
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Opioid use among same-day surgery patients: Prevalence, management and outcomes
JL Wilson, PA Poulin, R Sikorski, HJ Nathan, M Taljaard, C Smyth
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The prolongation of pulse transit time after a stellate ganglion block: An objective indicator of successful block
YU Kim, Y Cheong, YG Kong, J Lee, S Kim, HG Choi, JH Suh
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Nitrous oxide persistently alleviates pain hypersensitivity in neuropathic rats: A dose-dependent effect
M Ben Boujema, E Laboureyras, J Pype, B Bessière, G Simonnet
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Analysis of radiofrequency lesions in egg whites in vitro produced by application of the Tew electrode for different temperatures and times
YS Kwon, SY Lim, JH Kim, JS Jang, CH Kim, KJ Kwon, JH Yon
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Spinal antinociceptive action of amiloride and its interaction with tizanidine in the rat formalin test
H Ouyang, P Wang, W Huang, Q Li, B Nie, W Zeng
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Impact on health-related quality of life and costs of managing chronic neuropathic pain in academic pain centres: Results from a one-year prospective observational Canadian study
J-E Tarride, DE Moulin, M Lynch, AJ Clark, L Stitt, A Gordon, PK Morley-Forster, H Nathan, C Smyth, C Toth, MA Ware
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Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor: Re: F Itza, D Zarza, J Salinas, F Teba, C Ximenez. Turn-amplitude analysis as a diagnostic test for myofascial syndrome in patients with chronic pelvic pain. Pain Res Manag 2015;20(2):96-100.
D Kumbhare, L Robinson
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