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Table of Contents

September/October 2014, Volume 19 Issue 5
Original Articles
Development, implementation and evaluation of a pain management and palliative care educational seminar for medical students
D Paneduro, LR Pink, AJ Smith, A Chakraborty, AJ Kirshen, D Backstein, NN Woods, AS Gordon
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Anxiety, depression and school absenteeism in youth with chronic or episodic headache
C Rousseau-Salvador, R Amouroux, D Annequin, A Salvador, B Tourniaire, S Rusinek
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Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about chronic noncancer pain in primary care: A Canadian survey of physicians and pharmacists
L Lalonde, V Leroux-Lapointe, M Choinière, E Martin, D Lussier, D Berbiche, D Lamarre, R Thiffault, G Jouini, S Perreault
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The relationship among psychological factors, neglect-like symptoms and postoperative pain after total knee arthroplasty
Y Hirakawa, M Hara, A Fujiwara, H Hanada, S Morioka
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iCanCope with Pain™: User-centred design of a web- and mobile-based self-management program for youth with chronic pain based on identified health care needs
JN Stinson, C Lalloo, L Harris, L Isaac, F Campbell, S Brown, D Ruskin, A Gordon, M Galonski, LR Pink, N Buckley, JL Henry, M White, A Karim
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Training highly qualified health research personnel: The Pain in Child Health consortium
CL von Baeyer, BJ Stevens, CT Chambers, KD Craig, GA Finley, RE Grunau, CC Johnston, R Pillai Riddell, JN Stinson, J Dol, M Campbell-Yeo, PJ McGrath
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Assessment of factors affecting the difficulty of caudal epidural injections in adults using ultrasound
YH Kim, HJ Park, S Cho, DE Moon
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Original Articles (Online only)
The role of infant pain behaviour in predicting parent pain ratings
R Pillai Riddell, DB Flora, S Stevens, S Greenberg, H Garfield
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Functional restoration of the spine: Effect of initial pain level on the performance of subjects with chronic low back pain
I Caby, N Olivier, F Mendelek, R Bou Kheir, J Vanvelcenaher, P Pelayo
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Exploring the associations between sleep problems and chronic musculoskeletal pain in adolescents: A prospective cohort study
L Harrison, S Wilson, MR Munafò
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Radiofrequency ablation for chronic low back pain: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
LE Leggett, LJJ Soril, DL Lorenzetti, T Noseworthy, R Steadman, S Tiwana, F Clement
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