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Table of Contents

November/December 2014, Volume 19 Issue 6
Adjudication of fibromyalgia syndrome: Challenges in the medicolegal arena
M-A Fitzcharles, PA Ste-Marie, A Mailis, Y Shir
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Fibromyalgia and disability adjudication: No simple solutions to a complex problem
M Harth, WR Nielson
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Letter to the Editor
Re: Harth M, Neilson WR. Fibromyalgia and disability adjudication: No simple solutions to a complex problem. Pain Res Manag 2014;19(6):293-299.
M-A Fitzcharles, PA Ste-Marie, A Mailis, Y Shir
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Original Articles
The efficacy of a multidisciplinary group program for patients with refractory chronic pain
M Inoue, S Inoue, T Ikemoto, Y-CP Arai, M Nakata, A Miyazaki, M Nishihara, T Kawai, N Hatakeyama, S Yamaguchi, K Shimo, H Miyagawa, T Hasegawa, H Sakurai, Y Hasegawa, Y Ohmichi, T Ushida
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Initial pain management plans in response to severe pain indicators on oncology clinic previsit questionnaires
MS Sanatani, M Kattan, DE Moulin
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One-year results of an algorithmic approach to managing failed back surgery syndrome
M Avellanal, G Diaz-Reganon, A Orts, S Soto
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Adult attachment and approaches to activity engagement in chronic pain
NE Andrews, PJ Meredith, J Strong, GF Donohue
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Consensus Statement
Pharmacological management of chronic neuropathic pain: Revised consensus statement from the Canadian Pain Society
D Moulin, A Boulanger, AJ Clark, H Clarke, T Dao, GA Finley, A Furlan, I Gilron, A Gordon, PK Morley-Forster, BJ Sessle, P Squire, J Stinson, P Taenzer, A Velly, MA Ware, EL Weinberg, OD Williamson
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Original Articles (Online only)
Does low-level laser therapy enhance the efficacy of intravenous regional anesthesia?
S Nesioonpour, R Akhondzadeh, S Mokmeli, S Moosavi, M Mackie, M Naderan
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The relationship between pain and eating among overweight and obese individuals with osteoarthritis: An ecological momentary study
KW Choi, TJ Somers, MA Babyak, KJ Sikkema, JA Blumenthal, FJ Keefe
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Factors predicting adverse events associated with pregabalin administered for neuropathic pain relief
Y Kanbayashi, K Onishi, T Hosokawa
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Breakthrough pain in patients with controlled or uncontrolled basal pain: An observational study
A Gatti, M Gentili, M Baciarello, M Lazzari, R Marzi, E Palombo, AF Sabato, G Fanelli
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Dual effects of Rho-kinase inhibitors on a rat model of inflammatory pain
P Paiva-Lima, YS Bakhle, JN Francischi
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Reviews (Online only)
Quality indicators for the assessment and management of pain in the emergency department: A systematic review
AS Stang, L Hartling, C Fera, D Johnson, S Ali
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