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Canadian Pain Society (CPS)
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January/February 2015, Volume 20 Issue 1
Special Article
Canadian Orofacial Pain Team workshop report on the Global Year Against Orofacial Pain
GJ Lavigne, BJ Sessle
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Original Articles
Exploring the lived experience of adults using prescription opioids to manage chronic noncancer pain
EA Brooks, A Unruh, ME Lynch
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Impact of age, sex and route of administration on adverse events after opioid treatment in the emergency department: A retrospective study
R Daoust, J Paquet, G Lavigne, É Piette, J-M Chauny
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Dynamic mechanical assessment of muscle hyperalgesia in humans: The dynamic algometer
S Finocchietti, T Graven-Nielsen, L Arendt-Nielsen
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Is intra-articular magnesium effective for postoperative analgesia in arthroscopic shoulder surgery?
TB Saritas, H Borazan, S Okesli, M Yel, Ş Otelcioglu
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Observer trait anxiety is associated with response bias to patient facial pain expression independent of pain catastrophizing
JA Rash, KM Prkachin, TS Campbell
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Original Articles (Online only)
Grey zones in the diagnosis of adult migraine without aura based on the International Classification of Headache Disorders-III beta: Exploring the covariates of possible migraine without aura
A Ozge, E Aydinlar, B Tasdelen
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A prospective study of percutaneous vertebroplasty for chronic painful osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture
H-Y Tan, L-M Wang, L Zhao, Y-L Liu, R-P Song
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A novel pain interprofessional education strategy for trainees: Assessing impact on interprofessional competencies and pediatric pain knowledge
JP Hunter, J Stinson, F Campbell, B Stevens, SJ Wagner, B Simmons, M White, M van Wyk
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The effect of low-frequency sound stimulation on patients with fibromyalgia: A clinical study
L Naghdi, H Ahonen, P Macario, L Bartel
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How can surgeonfish help pediatric surgeons? A pilot study investigating the antinociceptive effect of fish aquariums in adult volunteers
M Sanchez, M Delpont, M Bachy, R Kabbaj, D Annequin, R Vialle
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Consensus Statement
Safety and effectiveness of the herpes zoster vaccine to prevent postherpetic neuralgia: 2014 Update and consensus statement from the Canadian Pain Society
Canadian Pain Society Study Day participants
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Associations between gender, coping patterns and functioning for individuals with chronic pain: A systematic review
N El-Shormilisy, J Strong, PJ Meredith
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Review (Online only)
The use of the bispectral index in the detection of pain in mechanically ventilated adults in the intensive care unit: A review of the literature
RM Coleman, Y Tousignant-Laflamme, P Ouellet, É Parenteau-Goudreault, J Cogan, P Bourgault
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Re: M-A Fitzcharles, PA Ste-Marie, A Mailis, Y Shir. Re: Harth M, Neilson WR. Fibromyalgia and disability adjudication: No simple solutions to a complex problem. Pain Res Manag 2014;19(6):293-299.
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