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Table of Contents

July/August 2014, Volume 19 Issue 4
Pain Research & Management News
2014 Dr Harold Merskey Award
Pulsus Group Inc
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Original Articles
When in doubt, ask the audience: Potential users’ perceptions of Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for chronic pain
LH Schneider, HD Hadjistavropoulos
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Differential prescribing of opioid analgesics according to physician specialty for Medicaid patients with chronic noncancer pain diagnoses
C Ringwalt, H Gugelmann, M Garrettson, N Dasgupta, AE Chung, SK Proescholdbell, AC Skinner
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Pulsed radiofrequency treatment of complex regional pain syndrome: A case series
V Djuric
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Exogenous and endogenous opioid-induced pain hypersensitivity in different rat strains
E Laboureyras, F Aubrun, M Monsaingeon, J-B Corcuff, J-P Laulin, G Simonnet
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Hospitalized children continue to report undertreated and preventable pain
KA Birnie, CT Chambers, CV Fernandez, PA Forgeron, MA Latimer, PJ McGrath, EA Cummings, GA Finley
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The antiallodynic action of pregabalin may depend on the suppression of spinal neuronal hyperexcitability in rats with spared nerve injury
L Ding, J Cai, X-Y Guo, X-L Meng, G-G Xing
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Pain assessment using the Adolescent Pediatric Pain Tool: A systematic review
AM Fernandes, C De Campos, L Batalha, A Perdigão, E Jacob
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Case Report
Pain relief as a primary treatment goal: At what point does functioning and well-being become more important? A case study of an adolescent with debilitating chronic pain
AS Tseng, K Weiss, T Harrison, D Hansen, B Bruce
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Original Articles (Online only)
Exposure to virtual social stimuli modulates subjective pain reports
JM Vigil, D Torres, A Wolff, K Hughes
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Pain patients and who they live with: A correlational study of coresidence patterns and pain interference
JM Vigil, P Pendleton, P Coulombe, KE Vowles, J Alcock, BW Smith
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Reviews (Online only)
Can we improve parents’ management of their children’s postoperative pain at home?
J MacLaren Chorney, A Twycross, K Mifflin, K Archibald
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