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Biomedical Engineering: Current Research

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Biomedical equipment efficiency measurement and improvement of Nurse Call System

Author(s): Terence Kurian1, Feroz Ikbal2 , Megha Rajeshkumar Jogi2

In hospitals, ‘bed call system’ play a major role in patient care, because 30 % of patients in a hospital are either old aged or totally bedridden and need medical assistance. It is a mediator between the patients and the nursing staffs. Normally this system is very helpful in wards and ICUs. However, in the case of ICUs, 90% patients are in critical condition and cannot use this system. Moreover, in ICUs, staff to patient ratio is 1:1, but in wards the staff to patient ratio is 1:5. Over and above this every patient in a ward is separated by either curtains or partitions