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Prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis and water contact activities as risk factor in Wowyen community

Author(s): Abbas Abel Anzaku, Onah Daniel Oche, Akyala, Ishaku, Akyala Ishaku

This study assessed the prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis and water contact activities as associated risk factor in Wowyen community. A total of 620 subjects comprising of 300 male and 320 female subjects were analyzed. The prevalence was achieved by standard urine filtration technique. One way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and paired t-test was carried out using software SPSS Statistical version 20. The result confirmed an overall (37.91%) prevalence of infection. On the trait of ages, distribution rate was higher between the age brackets 5-10 years (11.94%) while the lowest (1.62%) was recorded among the ages of 36 years and above whereas female subjects were significantly high (20.97%) than the male (16.74%) subjects on gender basis. Water contact activity was higher among children (25.01%) than the adult subjects (12.91%) as regards to maturity. Statistical analysis indicated that there is no significant difference among the age groups as well as gender at ρ>0.05 indicating vulnerability of the infection with no respect to ages or sexes. This study shows that children are more susceptible to urinary schistosomiasis and as such proper care by parents towards the children should be made to avoid water contact activity that will induce the infection. Provision of adequate pipe-born water is suggested while emphasis on further research in this community is strong recommended.

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