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Journal of Biomolecules and Biochemistry

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Towards the best mineral N fertilization for southern italian peeled tomato quality

Author(s): Jamey Sin*

Farmers frequently apply too much Nitrogen (N) fertiliser to tomato crops in order to increase their commercial productivity and profitability. N fertilizers, however, have a significant impact on all aspects of tomato quality, including technical qualities, dietary characteristics, and mineral fruit composition. The purpose of this research was to examine how circumstances in Southern Italy affected processing tomato output and quality when rates of mineral N fertiliser were increased. The cropping cultivar "Messapico," suited for peeled tomatoes, was used for the study in Battipaglia (Southern Italy), and fruit quality was assessed at the stage of ripening. Findings indicated that N fertilisation reduced burnt fruit yields led to an increase in overall fruit yield, average fruit weight, and other fruit characteristics (size, firmness, colour indexes, pH, N, and calcium content).