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Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

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Aims and scope

Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology is committed to the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of open access journals in the fields of biotic and abiotic components of environment and its impact on environment as a whole. The aim and scope of Journal is to study the research activities developed for fundamental understanding of the nature of these chemical processes, so that humankind's activities can be accurately evaluated. The Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology publishes full length original research papers, short communications, review papers, perspectives and letters to the editor and case reports. Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology studies and integrates theoretical and practical aspects of environment and its toxicological affects.

Environmental chemistry is the study of chemical alterations in the environment. Principal areas of study include soil, air contamination and water pollution. The topics of analysis include chemical degradation in the environment, multi-phase transport of chemicals and chemical effects upon biota. Thus it will provide you with a detailed knowledge and comprehensive understanding of environment.

The scope of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology:
• Ecology and Ecosystems
• Biogeochemistry‎
• Environmental Monitoring
• Ecological Sanitation
• Pollutants and Toxicology
• Bioremediation • Biomagnification
• Sustainable Development
• Ecotoxicology
• Bioaccumulation
• Biodegradation



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