Pulsus Group https://www.pulsus.com/ Pulsus Group, the medical peer-review publisher, publishes the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrity. https://www.pulsus.com/journal-neuropathology/current-issue.html Journal of Neuropathology Volume 1, Issue 1 https://www.pulsus.com/scholarly-articles/PULNP-18-2.pdf MtDNA deletions and GA transversions may be cause or consequence of refractory temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis Josef Finsterer, Sinda ZarroukMahjoub https://www.pulsus.com/scholarly-articles/PULNP-1-1-001.pdf Myopathy with rods and cores Harmanpreet Tiwana, Cheran Elangovan, Aiesha Ahmed