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Volume 2

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Reports

Microbial Biotechnology 2018

September 17-18, 2018

Microbial Biotechnology & Vaccine Design

September 17-18, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal



World Congress on

Successfully activating positive behaviors of the stakeholders involved in vaccine purchasing and usage

through technological advances

Pierre A Morgon

Virometix, Switzerland

The vaccine segment is anticipated to be one of the fastest growing one of the healthcare industry and several leading firms have

stepped up vaccine investments in recent years. Unlike therapeutic agents, vaccines are administered to healthy individuals only

once or very infrequently during a life time. Vaccines generate well-documented positive externalities, yet their poor awareness and

acceptability among vaccine end-users may contribute to resurgence of transmissible diseases and consequently trigger governmental

interventions such as mandating vaccination. In addition to technical and clinical development per the highest quality standards,

bringing new vaccines to market requires carefully orchestrated programs targeting the multiple types of stakeholders along the

entire value chain and addressing their respective purchasing behavioral drivers. Against a backdrop of anti-vaccination buzz and

vaccine fatigue, successful global launch and sustainable usage of a vaccine requires the development of a multi-pronged strategy

addressing all aspects in relation to acceptability (e.g. the motivation to immunize despite the quasi-disappearance of the disease),

accessibility (e.g. supply chain services), availability (e.g. mechanisms ensuring reliability of supply) and affordability (e.g. tiered

pricing policy taking country differences in per capita income into account). Leveraging novel technological advances can positively

influence the ability to activate these levers successfully.

Shideh Fatehi

et al., J Microbio and Biotech Rept 2018, Volume 2