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Advertising Policies


‘Advertising’ and ‘advertisement’ refer to the provision of space to promote products or services in exchange for payment or other consideration. Examples of online advertising include banners, buttons and any other type of promotional consideration, fixed or animated, with or without hyperlinks.

‘Editorial content’ refers to content that is not advertising.

‘Scholarly publications’ refers to publications that are peer-reviewed, physician-focused and provide primarily scientific and research-based content targeting a physician audience.

‘Sponsorship’ refers to unrestricted educational grants or other contributions for print and online publications, products and services that assist with the production or promotion of publications, products or services. In return, the support of the sponsor is publicly recognized for a specified period of time


Pulsus Group actively solicits advertising and sponsorships in relation to its online and print publications in recognition of the benefits such advertising brings; however, the attainment and credibility of Pulsus Group and its members shall be the overriding consideration in all advertising activities. It is in the best interests of Pulsus Group, its advertisers and sponsors to ensure that the products remain a trusted, credible source of information for physicians and others. Advertising opportunities are only pursued provided they do not impede editorial independence, institutional integrity and consistency with Pulsus Group’s mission and values. Advertisers will not be permitted to exert any influence on the content of our products.

Although readers, sponsors and advertisers may be provided with general information about the editorial content of an upcoming publication (eg, theme issues, clinical practice guidelines, continuing series, supplements, conference proceedings), specific details about the content are confidential until publication.


The appearance of advertising or sponsorship in accordance with these policies is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement of claims made for a product or service, nor an endorsement of a manufacturer, distributor or promoter of a product or service.


Pulsus Group reserves the right of final approval of all advertising and the right to refuse any advertisement. Pulsus Group will not accept advertisements for products or services that compete with those offered by Pulsus Group nor will we accept advertising for products that violate Pulsus Group’s policies or values. Advertising space will not be sold on condition that specific editorial content will be subsequently produced. Acceptance of any advertisement by Pulsus Group does not indicate that the advertisement is compliant with applicable legislative or regulatory requirements. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure compliance with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

Advertisements are accepted and published on the warranty of the agency and the advertiser that both are authorized to publish the entire content and subject matter of the advertisement.

All advertisements must clearly identify the advertiser by trademark or signature.

A distinction is maintained between advertising and editorial content. All advertising, including advertorials, must be clearly identifiable as advertising, and must not be confused with editorial content in format or appearance.

Any reference to Pulsus Group or any of its products in advertisements is subject to previous written approval of Pulsus Group in each case.

The fact that an advertisement has appeared in a publication, product or service shall not be referred to in collat-eral advertising.

Advertisements in each of the following categories will be considered.

1) Pharmaceutical Advertising – Advertisements for prescription or non-prescription drug products, biologicals ornatural health products.


  • Advertisingmustbefactuallyaccurate,mustnotbemisleadingandmustbeingoodtaste.
  • Advertisingforprescriptiondrugs,non-prescriptiondrugsandnaturalhealthproductsaresubjecttotheguidelines and approval of the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB).
  • Advertisingfornon-prescriptiondrugsandnaturalhealthproductsmustcomplywithapplicablelegislationand regulatory requirements, product market authorization, and guidelines, e.g. Canada’s Food and DrugRegulations, Natural Health Products Regulations, and Consumer Advertising Guidelines for MarketedHealth Products, etc.
  • Natural health products must have a Natural Product Number issued by Heath Canada to be considered for advertising.
  • The complete product monograph must be included in Pulsus Group for any pharmaceutical product advertisements.

2) Healthcare Advertising (Non-pharmaceutical) – Advertisements for medical devices, non-pharmaceutical products or services provided by pharmaceuticalmanufacturers, healthcare-related organizations or associations (including government) and other healthcare-related products (e.g. EMR software)


  • Advertisingmustbefactuallyaccurate,mustnotbemisleadingandmustbeingoodtaste.
  • Advertisingmustcomplywithapplicablelegislationandregulatoryrequirementsandguidelines.
  • PulsusGroupreservestherighttorequireapprovalfromtheAdvertisingStandardsCouncilforanyadvertisement.

3) Non-healthcare Advertising – Advertisements for any organization, product or service that is not included in either of the two prior categories.


  • Advertisingoftobaccoproducts,alcoholicbeverages,weapons,gamblingorpornography,orofproductsthatviolatePulsusGroup’spoliciesorvalues,are not eligible
  • Advertisingmustbefactuallyaccurate,mustnotbemisleadingandmustbeingoodtaste
  • Advertisingmustcomplywithapplicablelegislationandregulatoryrequirementsandguidelines.
  • PulsusGroupreservestherighttorequireapprovalfromtheAdvertisingStandardsCouncilforanyadvertisement.


Placement of advertising will be governed by the core principles.

Placement of editorial content adjacent to advertising on the same products or topics is avoided whenever possible in scholarly publications. When a scholarly publication uses designated pages for repeat features (eg, the lead editorial or to highlight articles of interest in the journal) any placement of advertisement adjacent to related editorial content should be regarded as coincidental. Exceptions may be necessary when a publication dedicates signifi-cant editorial space to a particular theme or clinical issue; however, such exceptions will not impede the core principles.

Advertisements for products and services are eligible to be placed adjacent to editorial content on the same topic in consumer and professional publications, provided there is no resonable inference of a commercial connection or relationship between the product or service being advertised, the manufacturer of the products or services and the editorial content of Pulsus Group.

Eligible advertisements may appear on www.pulsus.com. Acceptable formats include banner ads and sponsored links. Placements will be considered at the discretion of Pulsus Group.

Advertising will also be considered for placement in connection with licensed content that Pulsus Group makes available to third parties.


The advertisement may function as a link or may contain a link to another website. The user must not be sent to another website unless they choose to do so by clicking on the advertisement link. The destination website will appear so that it is apparent to the user that they have left Pulsus (eg, by open-ing a new window or tab for the destination website). The content of the destination website must relate to the product or service presented in the advertisement. If the advertisement links to a page not on www.pulsus.com, the page will be reviewed prior to acceptance of the advertisement. Any website to which an advertisement is linked must comply with the laws and regulations of Canada.

Pulsus Group is not responsible for the content provided at the destination website, nor does it warranty the availability of the destination website (the ability for the user to view the content of the destination website). Pulsus Group reserves the right to not link or to remove links to other websites.