Pulsus Profile

To publish, promote and disseminate the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrity.

Pulsus is a medical and healthcare publisher since 3 decades and received accolades from the contributors and the readers. At present, Pulsus Group is diversifying its publishing portfolio to other realms by incorporating all major Science, Technology, Medical journals as an ardent scientific publisher of open access and hybrid access peer reviewed journals. With a view to preserve, pursue, share and distribute scientific discoveries and knowledge, Pulsus healthtech Ltd currently focusing towards expanding healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilence market studies of the current and future prospects of the global healthcare market.

Established in the year 1984, Pulsus was focusing on American region and presently expanding to healthcare informatics platform to the medical and pharma professionals throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and all other continents. Since its inception, Pulsus received the endorsements of the medical associations and industries of the international reputation. This support allowed Pulsus Group to gain excellent reputation from the scientific and industrial community and able to bridge relations between industries and practicing physicians.

Pulsus Pharmacovigilance works including collection, archival and monitoring of Individual Case Study Reports, studies with reference to four phases of clinical research and development of exisiting and emerging molecules, adverse drug reaction reports, effectiveness and risk factors assessment.

Pulsus healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilance enables medical and pharma companies must conduct a comprehensive drug safety and patient monitoring audit to assess their compliance with global laws, regulations, and guidance ultimately works towards personalized medicine.

Pulsus conducting 500+ global meetings per year across the world, these meetings enables physicians and industry professionals come together and make conclusive steps towards advanced therapeutics and treatment aspects.

Headquartered at Singapore, PULSUS has its offices in London (UK), Ontario, (Canada) and Hyderabad (India). Endorsed by the medical associations and scientific societies, PULSUS is an ardent international medical research publisher and science event organizer that promotes peer reviewed medical journals in association with International medical associations and scientific societies.