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The private key of each of your accounts or so-called wallets is on the secondary hardware device. The public-facing part of the accounts is maintained in the Ledger Live download that doesn’t contain assets but access to accounts. 

Welcome to Advertise Portal of Pulsus Group Ltd

Founded in 1984, Pulsus Group has remained faithful to its commitment to publish world-class, peer-review medical journals, highly respected by physicians and researchers. Pulsus Group accomplishes this goal through the production and distribution of high-calibre electronic and print publications for a broad range of physicians and researchers, concentrating on specialists, key opinion leaders and high prescribers. Pulsus Group actively solicits advertising and sponsorships in relation to its online and print publications. It is in the best interests of Pulsus Group, its advertisers and sponsors to ensure that the products remain a trusted, credible source of information for physicians and others.

Advertisements in each of the following categories will be considered:

Pharmaceutical Advertising
�???�??�?�¢?? Advertisements for prescription or non-prescription drug products, biologicals or natural health products.
Healthcare and Non- Healthcare Advertising
�???�??�?�¢?? Advertisements for medical devices, non-pharmaceutical products or services provided by pharmaceutical
manufacturers, healthcare-related organizations/ products

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Contacting local representative

If you have any questions about advertising opportunities with Pulsus Group, contact our local representative for personal assistance by e-mail at: marketing@pulsus.com

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