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Good support from the management, Good place to work and learning. Good environment

Posted on: Oct 14, 2019

Employee Name:  NMD Awaiz, Program Coordinator


It is a good place to work and learn grow yourself fast. Senior colleagues are very cooperative. I really appreciate and thank you so much for all of the opportunities provided me which has helping me to grow technically, professionally as well as personally. I have learned so much and still learning from this great place, and will never forget the kindness of management and all of my colleagues. Awesome place to work.

Company Profile

Established in the year 1984, Pulsus was focusing on American region and presently expanding to healthcare informatics platform to the medical and pharma professionals throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and all other continents. Since its inception, Pulsus received the endorsements of the medical associations and industries of the international reputation. This support allowed Pulsus Group to gain excellent reputation from the scientific and industrial community and able to bridge relations between industries and practicing physicians..View More»