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Nursing & Health Care Journals

Nursing and Health Care have emerged as the fastest growing industry today owing to tremendous rise in the global population and the innumerable diseases they are encountering. Metabolic and lifestyle oriented diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases became chronic, affecting the humanity of the post-industrial societies. The governments and the non-governmental agencies are channeling huge funds in the prevention, cure and the management of these diseases, which may turn acute if ignored at the early stages. Enormous amount of research thus is centered on improving health care practices in addressing the ailing population. Apart from the metabolic diseases, epidemics like HIV/AIDS, cancer, Malaria, and a whole lot of infectious diseases remained as global concern so that the national and the international agencies are vigilant in mitigating the public health concerns.

Nursing and Health Care industries have geared to the emerging needs of the global population with innovative and advanced clinical and diagnostic tools, drugs and healthcare practices in most of the industrially advanced nations. However, these innovations are not within the reach of the low income economies, which are under pressure in addressing the chronic and acute health issues.