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Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals

Pharmaceutical sciences is a very broad field dealing with drug designing, development, evaluation of therapeutic potential of drugs including drug manufacturing, dosage formulation administration, sales and regulatory affairs. Pharmaceutical science is multidisciplinary science deriving from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, toxicology principles, human anatomy & physiology and statistics. The journal portfolio of pharmaceutical science includes clinical pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology, analytical chemistry and environmental toxicology.

The knowledge base generated from systematic research into pharmaceutical sciences expanded exponentially resulting in mushrooming of several sub-specializations which can be categorized as discovery and development of pharmaceutical drugs, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology including physiology and therapy, pharmaceutical analytical chemistry and drug delivery mechanisms. The contemporary research into pharmaceutical sciences is focusing on development of innovative techniques and refinement of methodologies which could characterize the drugs and their mechanisms of action in order to ensure safe drug dosage and precise targeted drug delivery for effective treatment without any side or adverse effects.