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The Ophthalmologist: Clinical and Therapeutic Journal

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Evangelos Pateras*
Department of Optics and Optometry, Athens University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I of Athens), Athens, Greece, Email: [email protected]
*Correspondence: Evangelos Pateras, Department of Optics and Optometry, Athens University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I of Athens), Athens, Greece, Email: [email protected]

Received: 08-Nov-2017 Accepted Date: Nov 17, 2017; Published: 23-Nov-2017

Citation: Pateras E. Advance Research in the Field of Optics and Optometry. Opth Clin Ther. 2017;1(1):6.

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Academic publishing and especially all scientific journals either on line or in press are publications, which are intended to progress further any science, by publishing new research themes.

There are in a lot of specific fields where scientific journals are published, but lately there is a trend for more published work rather it was in the past.

Most of these journals are specialized in different fields of science. Scientific journals publish articles that which are peer reviewed, in order to ensure that articles meet the journal's philosophy about quality work, and scientific originality. The publication of the results of the work of a researcher is essential in order to present his work to all the scientific community.

Every scientific article published in such journals then stands as a reference scientific record for other researchers. The articles usually provide technical or theoretical knowledge, reviewing the latest research and the results of the experiments in the field of science that each specific journal provide.

The field of expertise that articles could be covered by the journal firstly is Optometry, which is a health care science, which involves techniques of examining the eyes, there anatomical and physiological integrity and the visual acuity of patients. It is also applicable examining the whole visual system for any abnormalities in vision and in diagnosis and management of eye diseases. Basically, optometry primary focus in correcting eye refractive errors and provide spectacles for better visual acuity. Modern day optometry; however, has evolved through time so that the education curriculum additionally includes intensive medical training in the diagnosis and management and follow up of ophthalmic diseases especially in countries where optometry is regulated.

Optometrists always work in collaboration with ophthalmologists and opticians to provide quality and effective eye care to patients with eye problems.

The other field of expertise that articles could be covered by the journal is in Ophthalmic lens dispensing (Ophthalmic optics) which is also an eye care profession.

Opticians are actually the technical, experts in designing, verifying and fit ophthalmic lenses into frames, they are trained to fit contact lenses, and other devices such as low vision aids in order to correct visual acuity. They are responsible for executing the prescriptions that the ophthalmologists and the optometrists write. Opticians are not allowed to diagnose or treat any eye or systemic diseases involving eye functioning, but they are allowed to fit contact lenses.

In a country like Greece belonging to the E.C., education system delivers university degrees where optician-optometrist are the same profession and it's a four year course.

In the research field optician-optometrist deal with the performance of ophthalmic lenses (single vision-aspheric or progressive addition lenses). Research field deals with optics such as white light, interferometry, holography, the performance of contact lenses, contact lenses fitting techniques and their complications.

In clinical optometry, the applied research and basic research includes possible topics such as visual acuity and refractive errors prevalence, amblyopia treatment, binocular vision integrity involving stereoscopic vision, low vision aids, visual impairment , color vision and development and test, myopia control, dry eye, measurement of ocular symptoms, tear film biochemistry and disease-related changes, ocular surface physiology and pathology, ocular allergies, corneal healing, wound healing (e.g. following refractive surgery), ocular surface innervation, contact lenses materials and fitting techniques, orthokeratology, contact lens complications, keratoconus, ocular microbiology, ocular immunology, ocular anatomy, retinal biology, anatomy, physiology and pathology, retinitis disease, glaucoma treatment, ocular disease diagnosis using imaging, visual electrophysiology, visual psychophysics, optical nerve and optical nerves path abnormalities, visual perception, perception of motion.

“The Ophthalmologist: clinical and therapeutic journal” is internationally peer- reviewed journal. The journal will publish high-quality research papers, as well as reviews, book reviews and short technical notes designed to help ophthalmology and optometry progress in all scientific fields mentioned above. The journal's broad scope having an active Editorial Board will make, I hope “The Ophthalmologist: clinical and therapeutic journal” a unique journal in its position to support the researchers in all areas of ophthalmology and optometry science.

The journal is here to support and give the opportunity to new ophthalmology and optometry scientists or students to show and promote their work. Hoping that this effort will be for the benefit of all researchers relating to ophthalmology, optometry and ophthalmic optics, the journal will provide the best motivation for further research work publishing.

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