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Journal of Veterinary Research and Medicine

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Saya Nidh*
Department of Zoology, University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands, Email: S.Nidh@lumc.nl
*Correspondence: Saya Nidh, Department of Zoology, University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands, Email: S.Nidh@lumc.nl

Received: 04-Oct-2021 Accepted Date: Oct 18, 2021; Published: 25-Oct-2021

Citation: Nidh S. Economic and ecological importance of wildlife. J Vet Res Med 2021;3(2):3.

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Wildlife performs a crucial role in balancing the environment. Wildlife offers a balance to distinct approaches of nature. Wildlife and nature were largely associated with human beings for emotional and social reasons. The significance of the wildlife can be classified as ecological, economic, and investigatory significance in addition to conservation of biological diversities and so on. Animals have additionally been incredibly beneficial to us in supplying food, clothing, and supply of income. Our lifestyles are almost impossible without the help of wildlife. We are also part of the wildlife to make ecological stability on earth. It performs a completely vital role in our life.

Wildlife allows in preserving the ecological stability of nature. The killing of carnivores results in a growth in the number of herbivores which in turn have an effect on the forest vegetation, therefore because of the loss of food in the forest they arrive out from the forest to agricultural land and spoil our crops. This makes us realize that the wildlife allows in keeping ecological stability even through being predators of each other. Animals are extremely good predators that are the most important cause for ecological development. Therefore, as soon as the equilibrium and balance are disturbed it results in many problems.

The wildlife can be used to earn money. Wild plant products like food, medicine, timber, fibers, and many others are of economic value, and wild animal products which include meat, medicines, hide, ivory, lace, silk, etc. are of great economic value. Wildlife gives us the raw and basic material to begin any industry, factory, and so on for our earnings. Wildlife is also taken into consideration to be one of the finest elements for growth and better development of world trade and growth in country-wide profits. It additionally allows the farmers, the maximum through providing a better way in plowing and other techniques. Therefore, the wildlife is of great value to all in financial development. Since wildlife is the source of earnings to many and they play an essential role in their life because of the economic factor.

Some wild organisms are used for clinical experiments together to check the impact of medicine. Generally, monkeys, chimpanzees, etc. are used for clinical experiments. Also, animals like rats are first used to do experiments and check earlier than attempting them on human beings because rats have quite equal nature and body design that helps clinical experiments. No doubt the wildlife helps clinical researches a lot. By preserving the wildlife, the diversity in the environment can be conserved. According to a few scientists, an environment with more diversity is more stable.

Wildlife performs a completely crucial role in agricultural development because animals like cows, buffaloes, and etc. help in plowing or tilling of soil and so on. Also, many microorganisms and small animals like reptiles, etc. additionally assist in increasing the fertility of the soil and providing a very good base for agricultural activities. Micro Organism is stated to be the friends of farmers, for example, earthworm losses the soil and assist in the decomposition of dead remains and then add hums to the soil. This will increase soil fertility.

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