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Current Research: Cardiology

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The world of publishing peer-review research has changed significantly over the past five years. Publishers have largely moved from publishing print journals to information management on a multitude of platforms. The timely and ethical processing (submission, peerreview, editing and delivery) of this information continues to be fundamental to the research cycle.

The funding model has also shifted from an advertising and sponsorship base to one that uses a pay-to-publish model for the authors – driving research dissemination costs back to the research funding source. The expectations of the authors have moved from a willingness to wait for publication in a credible, high-impact journal to a demand for immediate, online, open-access availability of their article with opportunity for prepress citation.

This unstable environment and the warp speed at which it is evolving have fed the beast that we all now recognize as the ‘predatory publisher’. These publishers have sophisticated websites and marketing schemes, know what is important to authors and make attractive promises to researchers that are trying to establish their credibility in a scientific world that requires they publish their research quickly.

By all accounts, they have had tremendous financial success but their end products clearly demonstrate that their promises are not being kept – questionable editorial boards, aggressive campaigns for manuscripts, little or no peer review, little or no editing, and exaggerated lists of indexing – in short, they promise anything required to secure papers of any quality to publish for a significant fee.

Why would a successful, long-standing, ethical publisher of peerreview research, such as Pulsus Group, choose to launch a new cardiology journal in this environment? A very good question. It is increasingly important for researchers to have a trusted way to share in the ever-exploding flow of scientific information, and we are ardent believers that the combination of an accomplished and experienced Editor-in-Chief, a reputable and dedicated Editorial Board, and a publisher with integrity and expertise can produce a journal that will flourish.

Current Research: Cardiology is part of a new series of Pulsus journals that share common attributes: electronic submission, rigorous and speedy peer-review, liberal shared copyright with authors (Creative Common CC BY-NC), open access availability, electronic and print formats and early citation potential (publication In Press within 30 days) at The Journal will be submitted for indexing as soon as possible, following the path of all Pulsus journals, which are indexed by Thomson ISI, PubMed Central, MEDLINE, Current Contents and Scopus.

Pulsus Group has worked for many years with Prof. Bohuslav Ostadal and his editorial board, and have the utmost respect for their ability and vision to make Current Research: Cardiology an important vehicle for research within the international cardiology community. We also acknowledge and value the support of Prof. Naranjan Dhalla and the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, who have chosen to make this emerging Journal their official journal and have abstracts for the 2nd Cardiovascular Forum for Promoting Centres of Excellence and Young Investigators in this premiere issue.

Together we are determined to establish Current Research: Cardiology as a bona fide international journal, one in which papers are selected solely on the basis of their scientific merit and not on language or country of origin – a global forum for today’s cardiologists.


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Current Research: Cardiology