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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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Udayan kumar S*
Department of Cardiology, Bharati Deemed University Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India, Email: [email protected]
*Correspondence: Udayan kumar S, Department of Cardiology, Bharati Deemed University Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: Mar 11, 2021 / Accepted Date: Mar 18, 2021 / Published Date: Mar 22, 2021

Citation: Udayan KS. Myocardial Infraction and its causes. Clin Cardiol J 2021;5(2):17.

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The human heart is composed of pericardium muscle capable of working throughout the life. Human heart is designed so specially that it has the capacity to pump blood throughout your body and regulate the blood circulation. This study brings in another question in our mind if the heart is supplying blood to our body, then how the heart itself is getting the blood? Well, there are special arteries which supplies heart with a continuous blood supply named coronary artery.

A major problem occurs when this blood supply is disturbed or interfered in this typical artery, a condition that causes a life threatening situation. It is suggested by the doctors to avoid cholesterol as researchers suggest that both HDL and LDL contribute almost equivalently in developing fat deposits in the arteries which are supplying the heart with blood. LDL shows a direct connection with life threatening disease like heart attack and stroke whereas HDL when falls below the range of 40 mg/ dl shows a greater chance to heart attacks.

With continuous deposition of fat in the arteries of the heart, formation of plaques starts gradually. A fully grown plaque often ruptures and such ruptures create clot in the arteries. This clot does not allow the blood to reach the heart muscle. In absence of this oxygenated blood the heart muscles tend to stop working gradually as they go under irreversible damage. In case the damage occurs in major portions of the heart the patient loses the life resulting in death.

The cause of Heart attack will help us to understand the reason behind such a huge death rate of the world due to heart attack. It is high time, we realize the problems that junk foods and imbalanced diet charts brings on with our life. The need of doing exercise must not be forgotten. A healthy lifestyle can help us to fight against this life threatening disease.