Current Research: Integrative Medicine

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Current Research: Integrative Medicine

Current Research: Integrative Medicine is an English language, open-access, peer review journal providing an intellectual platform for international scholars in the interdisciplinary field of Integrative Medicine, which combines conventional Western medicine with alternative or complementary treatments, whose primary language may not be English. The expert Pulsus Group editorial team will work with authors to have their high-quality research published in an English language journal. The Journal comprises basic and medical research, clinical studies and methods articles describing a broad range of topics affecting human health, including holistic, modern, traditional and alternative medicine.

Author may submit the manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system which located at: 

If you have any questions, please contact the journal's Editor-in-cheif, Dr. Darwin Cai at [email protected] (or) you may contact the editorial office at: [email protected]