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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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A dialogue on fifth dimension, empty-space

Author(s): Prashant Chauhan

Gravity and space-time are related because gravity, or more precisely, a gravitational wave, is the only possibility for empty space around a mass, and empty space is accountable for an object's mass. Although a gravitational wave is a ripple in space-time, it is also true that space-time is the outcome of a web of gravitational waves, therefore it is more proper to refer to space-time as gravitationalspace-time, and its common name is empty-space. The kaushal constant (K) is the smallest unit of this web of gravitational waves (or empty space). Gravity is the outcome of a force of attraction between two adjacent kaushals of adjacent planes at a relative point in gravitational-space-time, which is why it's called a web of gravity. The narrower your gravity web (or less relative gravity) and hence the faster you move through time, the slower you move through space, and vice versa. This study uses the idea of special connectivity to extend the general theory of relativity in five dimensions, with the fifth dimension being gravitational waves, gravity, or empty space.

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