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Journal of Heart Research

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Author(s): Suresh Vatsyayann*

Background: Life is a mystery where today we have uncountable pieces of the zigsaw puzzle that we are trying to put together to make the whole. Some times
we stumble into the pieces and other frequent times we search for the new pieces. We get so engrossed in the depth and vastness of the puzzle pieces that
we forget what to make of them, the total picture of the puzzle pieces that we want to make without leaving any piece that is left out of place. Such is the
complexity of life, the life cycle I would try to clarify through my keynote speech; an end to the NCDs by solving the grand zigsaw puzzle. The question; a
struggle: Being born itself is a mystery to me partially unravelled and so is the growth and development, and yet details about from where and where to are
suspicious. Why, how, when and where remains a mystery, even to the collective scientific mind. We know and yet we forget that the pandemic of NCDs is
pretty recent in this cosmic time, a few hundreds to a maximum of a few thousands of years. We, the medical practitioners, rarely explore the history and
its evolution to know the root cause of all the NCDs. Moreover, reality is just a social construction that becomes our own construction when we adopt it and
adapt to it, if we do. Therefore, certain things we take for granted coupled with the monetarisation of the economy, businessization of every aspect of life,
including the health & education, science and the minds forces many to live in their little cocoons. Deducted from the well known and proven scientific
developments till today, I have constructed story of life that will clarify many myths and let us see clearly what led to the exponential burden of NCDs (from
the cardiovascular diseases, to Diabetes, other metabolic diseases, cancers, mental and psychological issues, autoimmune diseases, shorter and sicker lives, etc.). I would take you on a snap shot scientific journey from the Sun to us humans and our internal cosmos-like body that should not have to go through early
NCDs, related disability and death. I have gone through the available evidence and the results that convince me that at least 80%, if not more NCD burden could be prevented, contained and, or reversed in the world within 2-5 years if we all get together to start working on it through various available modalities. 

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