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Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

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Association between psychomotrist regression syndrome and multimorbility syndrome in older than 65 years old

Author(s): Julia Monzerrath Carranza Torres*, Adrian Torres Fernandez and Enrique Villarreal Rios

OBJECTIVE: To determine the association between the development of psychomotor regression syndrome and the multimorbidity syndrome in patients older than 65 years.

METHODOLOGY: An observational, comparative prospective study was carried out, the comparison groups were patients with and without psychomotor regression syndrome [Minimum Motor Test], and the sample size was 59 and 74 per group. Multimorbidity was defined as the presence of three or more chronic diseases. Chi square was used, RM, test of t.

RESULT: 89.8% of patients with psychomotor regression syndrome presented multimorbidity, and in patients without syndrome the percentage corresponds to 37.8%, these statistically significant values [p=0.00]. With these percentages it can be said that for every 14.51 patients with psychomotor regression syndrome and multimorbidity, there is one that does not have a syndrome and also has multimorbidity [OR=14.51].

CONCLUSION: There is an association between the syndrome of psychomotor regression and multimorbidity, reflecting a loss of independence for the activities of daily life, associated with cardiovascular pathologies. Currently, there is little up-to-date literature regarding psychomotor regression syndrome, without studies that imply its association with multimorbidity, which is why it is important to take up again given the impact on the autonomy of the geriatric patient and the rehabilitative potential that has a timely approach.

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