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Journal of Heart Research

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Chronic Nitrate Supplementation on Biochemical and Hemodynamic Parameters of Individuals Presenting Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): Vania Margaret Flosi Paschoalin, Diego dos Santos Baiao and Davi Vieira Teixeira da Silva

Red beetroot has a high nutrition value and is considered a source of bioactive compounds, such as NO3-, antioxidant substances and phenolic compounds. Beneficial effects of dietary NO3- ingestion on the cardiovascular system include stimulating vasodilation by relaxing vascular smooth muscles, regulating blood flow and reducing blood pressure (BP) in both normal and hypertensive individulas, and improving physical performance during endurance exercises were consistently demonstrated. These effects can be explained by beet NO3- content, which stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO). Dietary NO3- is reduced to nitrite (NO2-) in the oral cavity by the enzyme NO3- reductase in the acidic gastric environment, NO2- is nonenzymatically decomposed to NO and other nitrogen oxides, which promote the aforementioned beneficial health-effects. Beetroot dietary interventions can be performed in the form several formulations, such as drinking beetroot juice or eating beetroot chips or powder to provide a convenient and alternative source of beetroot instead of the consumption of the entire vegetable in natura while still reaching effective NO3- concentrations. The challenge to design a beet product enriched in NO3-, attractive and easy to administer has been overcome by a novel formulation associating beet juice and beet powder into a food product displaying high acceptability. Cereal bars have gained great popularity as healthy and nutritious food, and are formulated by the compaction of dehydrated fruits, vegetables and cereals, and can be enriched in nutrients, but in a small serving portion. Furthermore, cereal bars are easy to carry, can be stored at room temperature, and are well-tolerated.

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