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Journal of Emerging Diseases and Preventive Medicine

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Color for Kids

Author(s): Samuel A Nigro

 Color needs to be retired as relevant. Kids need to know so they do not repeat what has happened. In fact, you are not black and you are not white, and neither are most others except rarely. In fact, skin science identifies at least 25 different skin colors...”black” and “white” are the fewest number of people and the rarest colors. All who call or consider someone by color, must be factual and use the correct color, but you cannot correctly use “black” or “white” 95% of the time, so color should be ignored any way, because it is most likely wrong and not one of the true 25 skin colors...So, as a matter of fact, skin color does not mean anything any way unless made into countercultural war cries or poor-me-begging. Color is determined by amount of melanin in your skin. The darkest person has less than 3/4 of a MILLIGRAM of melanin in his body. Thus, color is skin-deep and irrelevant as much as eye color, hair length, foot size, waist size, fingernail length or other body dimensions when relating to others--Less than 3/4 milligram of skin-deep melanin in every person should not rule you, your body and the world. Judgements and actions should not be determined by body dimensions including color. Thus, the about 1/2 milligram of skin-deep melanin should not replace one’s 3 1/2 pounds of brain and its content-of-character. The amount of melanin in anyone’s body is about the amount of sand one picks up by a moist forefinger tip dipped into sand. So, forget about color or race but use full human beingness as determining behavior.