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Medical Toxicology: Current Research

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Combined toxicity of cypermethrin, a pyerthroid insecticide and metal to earthworms Eisenia fetida

Author(s): Aebeed S. Aebeed and Abeer H. Amer*

Effects of Sub-Lethal dose of a mixture of cypermethrin and heavy metal on growth, reproduction and juvenile number of epigeic earthworm, Eisenia fetida were investigated in artificial soil glass containers (pH to 5-6.5 temperature of 20 ± 2°C) under laboratory conditions. E. fetida exposed to 25+200 mg/L Cypermethrin+Copper, Cypermethrin+chromium 25+200 mg/L and 25+50 mg/L Cypermethrin+lead. The results indicated that all metals at their tested sub lethal doses Cypermethrin and heavy metal had miled to relatively significant effect on the body weight, cocoon production and juvenile number after 28, 49 and 70 days exposure of E. fetida. The present novel study also indicated the use of E. fetida as a biomarker in assessment of insecticide and metal pollution.

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