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Current Research: Cardiology

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Endovascular reconstruction of primary coarctation in a 12-year-old boy technical consideration

Author(s): Santosh Kumar Sinha*, Puneet Aggarwal and Anupam Singh

Coarctation is a generalized disease which mainly manifests in aorta and presents as aortic coarctation. While transcatheter approaches have replaced surgery, there is still no consensus about the best among only balloon dilatation, aortic stent-grafts, self-expanding stent or balloon expandable stent. Here, we report a case of 12-year-old boy who presented with hypertension in whom severe primary coarctation of thoracic aorta was diagnosed which was successfully treated with endovascular reconstruction using self-expandable stent. Stent migration is always an issue during deployment and which is minimized with rapid pacing and bringing down the blood pressure. We successfully performed the endovascular treatment without aid of pacing thereby bringing his blood pressure to near normal level with no further catch up on follow up. Therefore, balloon expandable sten

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