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Medical Toxicology: Current Research

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Environmental Toxicology 2018: The Treatment of Dye Contaminated Wastewater using Cryptocrystalline Magnesite

Author(s): Tholiso Ngulube *

Discharging industrial colored wastewaters into aqueous environments can cause adverse effects on aquatic life due to the toxic nature of synthetic dyes. The present study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of using cryptocrystalline magnesite to remove an anionic dye (Methyl Orange - MO) from aqueous systems. To achieve that, several operational factors like residence time, adsorbent dosage, species concentration and temperature were appraised. The batch study proved that cryptocrystalline magnesite is effective in the treatment of MO contaminated water and moreover it performed well in terms of color removal. The removal efficiency of cryptocrystalline magnesite was found to be 85.85% for 30 mg/L of MO solution
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