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Epidemiological parameters and flap repair of pressure sore: A western India based institutional experience

Author(s): Chandra Prakash Kala*, Jayesh P Sachde and Satya Narayan

Pressure ulcers are common complications for long standing hospitalized bed-ridden patients those are not able to move or move very little. In fact, the lesion forms in a skin and muscle region which undergoes a constant pressure between an underlying bone protrusion and a support structure such as a bed or a wheelchair. In this study author have focus epidemiological parameters and on various type of surgical treatment used for pressure, treatment outcome at one year and complication. This study was conducted at the Government Spine Institute at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad from October 2012 to September 2014. An analysis of patient care records of indoor patients of post traumatic spinal cord injury with pressure sore surgery was performed.

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