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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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Evaluation of cardiovascular risk according to Framingham tables in a Colombian population

Author(s): Pereira-Rodriguez Javier Eliecer*, Penaranda-Florez Devi Geesel, Guerrero-Sanchez Johanna, Rodríguez-Luján Griselda, Santamaría-Perez Karla Noelly, Duran-Sanchez Rogelio and Quintero-Gomez Juan Camilo

Introduction and Objective: Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide but is caused by a variety of risk factors leading to elevate mortality rates. The objective of this research was to determine the cardiovascular risk according to Framingham test in patients attending physiotherapy.

Methods and Materials: A study observational and descriptive in which 462 patients were included; after the exclusion process was a sample of 338 subjects (256 women and 82 men) with a mean age of 47 ± 11 years. The Framingham test was used to estimate the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients attending physiotherapy. Anthropometric measurements, vital signs and a questionnaire to identify cardiovascular risk factors.

Results: After the intervention, we observed that when applying the test of Framingham 76% had low risk, 13.6% medium risk and high risk 10.3%; Moreover 63.3% were overweight /obese, being higher in overweight men (27.02 ± 1.39 vs. 26.75 ± 2.23, p=0.337) and obesity for women (32.72 ± 8.38 vs. 31.35 ± 4.24, p=0.094).

Conclusion: In applying the test showed a low Framingham risk in most patients who attend physiotherapy and those women have a higher prevalence of family history for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, intake of fatty foods and obesity. Men are more likely to be overweight, smoking and alcohol intake; for diabetes were no significant differences.

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