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Fibroadenoma urinary bladder: An extremely rare case with review of literature

Author(s): Padam Kumari Agarwal* and Rimi Pandey

BACKGROUND: Fibroadenoma, a commonly known tumour in the breast, is extremely rare in urinary bladder, probably the first case to the best of authors’ knowledge. Earlier adenofibroma was reported in the urinary bladder and other organs.

METHODS: Transurethral biopsy was performed in a clinically suspected malignant tumour of urinary bladder. Multiple tiny soft tissue pieces were fixed in 10% neutral formal saline for histopathological examination and submitted to the pathology department. Paraffin sections were prepared and stained with H: E stain for microscopic examination.

RESULTS: Histopathological diagnosis of fibroadenoma urinary bladder was made. Updated review of literature was searched to find out the incidence of this neoplasm. No other case of this neoplasm in urinary bladder could be seen.

CONCLUSION: Fibroadenoma is a common benign tumour of breast in young ladies. To the utter surprise of the author (PKA), classical histomorphological features of fibroadenoma breast were observed in this bladder tumour. This tempted the authors to report this case for the general information of all the specialists in the field, to keep in mind while reporting on tumours of urinary bladder. After the operation the patient had uneventful recovery and discharged from the hospital in sound health.

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