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Journal of Emerging Diseases and Preventive Medicine

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Hand Washing Behavior among Mothers and Caregivers of Infants in Abashawl Sub-Zone, Asmara: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Idris M. Idris1*, Samuel J. Wolday2, Deborah T. Gebretnsae3, Rahel G. Habteslassie3, Rahiel H. Tesfamicael3, Semhar S. Isaias3

: This study was aimed to explore the drivers of hand washing behavior among mothers and caregivers of infants in Aba-shawl sub zone, Asmara, Eritrea. Methodology: A qualitative study was conducted from July to December 2019 in Aba-shawl sub-zone, Asmara. All participants in this study were selected using chain referral sampling. In-depth interviews were conducted on twenty mothers and caregivers of infants. Focus group discussion was done in Edaga Hamus Hospital with eight mothers of infants from Aba-shawl subzone and two key informants were interviewed; one health professional from Edaga-hamus Hospital, and one administrator of Aba-shawl subzone. In addition to that the researchers observed the general conditions of the community including cleanliness, availability and accessibility of water, toilet and other cleaning facilities. Results: The barriers to hand washing behavior identified in this society were; new responsibilities of nurturing an infant, increased workload when nurturing an infant in addition to rearing other children, lack of affordability of hand washing materials for frequent use, lack of hand washing materials in the locations

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