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Journal of Emerging Diseases and Preventive Medicine

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Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Education Industry

Author(s): Nwanna Uchechukwu Kevin, Aremu Abdulmujeeb, Ilori Oluwole, Hasiya Plagnan Ibrahim

Corona Virus (COVID 19) is a novel virus arising from the family of Sars Cov-2. It is the current pandemic affecting the world, recording over 7 million cases and more than 400,000 deaths. As we write, the United States is the epicenter of the virus, immediately followed by Brazil and in the third-place lies Russia). In light of increasing concern about the present COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of universities across the globe have either postponed or cancelled all campus activities such as conferences, workshops, sports, and other activities. Universities are taking intensive precautions to prevent and protect all students and staff members from the highly infectious disease. Schools are in the process of transitioning to online teaching platforms already. In response to COVID-19, many countries introduced travel restriction (both in and out of the country) with intentions to prevent the spread of the epidemic.