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Journal of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

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Improtance of aquatic insects in the world

Author(s): Hassan Vatandoost

 There are several orders of aquatic insects including Collembola – springtails,     Ephemeroptera – mayflies, Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies, Plecoptera – stoneflies,    Megaloptera - alderflies, fishflies, and dobsonflies, Neuroptera – lacewings, Coleoptera – beetles, Hemiptera - true bugs (water striders, giant water bugs),  Hymenoptera - ants (e.g. Polyrhachis sokolova) and wasps, Diptera - flies and mosquitoes,  Mecoptera – scorpionflies,     Lepidoptera – moths, Trichoptera – caddisflies. Aquatic insect have significant interest by aquatic workers, dominance or abundance in fresh or marine water, their economic importance, their present lack of available information, importance in food chain and food web, outdoor recreation activities (mosquito, black flies, horseflies), pest of human and animals.The main habit of them are: shallow streams,  rivers,  springs,  large rivers,  shallow standing water, clear pools,  running water, sh slow moving rivers, turbulent stream,  fast water,  ponds, oxidation lake, marshes,  rice field,flood plains,  pools,  slimy pondore,  temporary pond, underside of stone, attach to plants ,marine, underside of leaves, warm stream,  trees,  rocks, crevices, chalk stream, slow flow river, dray basin of temporary pool,flood plain, beach zone, woodland pools, underside of floating leaves,  in soils,  algae mate, saturated woods, stagnant water, dam, debris, artificial container,  cistern, can,  old tires, pools with organic contents,  on plants,  in accumulation of decaying materials,  lake,  drainage,  canals. 

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