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Journal of Endocrine Disorders & Surgery

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Isosexual peripheral precocious puberty in a girl: A rare presentation of Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Author(s): Shiva Madan*, Kul Ranjan Singh, Virendra Atam, Anand Mishra, Atin Singhai and Neha Nagpal

Precocity puberty was defined as the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics before the age of 8 years in girls and 9 years in boys. precocity puberty can be due to GnRH-dependent or GnRH-independent causes. Childhood Adrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC), a rare cause of GnRH-independent precocious puberty, was hormonally active in >90% of cases. Childhood adrenal cortex cancer was aggressive childhood cancer. The tumors have a varied presentation either precocity/ virilization or presentation with Cushing’s syndrome or both.

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