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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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Left Atrial Volume Index (LAVI) in hypervolemic patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis

Author(s): Serhat Sayin , Nedim Yilmaz Selcuk , Hakan Akilli , Lutfullah Altintepe

BACKGROUND: Mortality in chronic hemodialysis (HD) patients are occured often due to cardiovascular diseases. Volume overloads and left atrial volume index (LAVI) are prognostic predictors both all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. AIM: The aim of study is to search how there is a relationship between volume quantity and LAVI in chronic hemodialysis patients.

STUDY DESIGN: A prospective cross-sectional study.

METHODS: 102 hemodialysis patients (male: 53, female: 49) were included to this study. The patients were divided to two groups in according to ultrafiltration (UF) (<10 mililiter (mL)/kg/hour or ≥10 mL/kg/hour). If UF was ≥ 2.5 L, it was accepted hypervolemia. Left atrial volumes (LAV) were measured by using an echocardiography by a cardiology specialist. LAVI was determined by left atrial volume divided by body surface area. ≥32 mL/ m2 of LAVI was accepted high, Statistical analysis was done by using MannWhitney U test and Pearson correlation test.

RESULTS: In hypervolemic group (n=53), means of LAV, LAVI and UF were 52 ± 24 cm³, 32.1 ± 14 mL/m² and 2727 ± 538mL, respectively. In normovolemic group (n=49), means of LAV, LAVI and UF were 56 ± 28 cm³, 30.3 ± 14 mL/m² and 2063 ± 589 mL, respectively.

CONCLUSION: Mean of LAVI values were found high in hemodialysis patients with hypervolemia.