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Journal of Emerging Diseases and Preventive Medicine

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Level of Perceived Stress and Coping Strategies of Parents Caring for Children with Special Educational Needs During Lockdown of COVID-19

Author(s): Babar Javid, Hifsa Batool, Abid Masood Khan, Farah Zainab and Saleha Ashraf

The COVID-19 plague has become an open danger for individual’s physical wellbeing and lives. It has likewise set off a wide variety of psychological issues, for example, panic issue, tension and discouragement. During the lockdown time frame, strain, nervousness and other negative feelings started to raise in the nation, and immediately spread and repeat among the individuals from the entire society (Lima et al., 2020). Pakistan as a multi-ethnic nation in which each person has his or her own way of life. In addition, Pakistani culture is considered by a diversity of social and economic situations. In this context, it is likely to shake the stress level of guardians caring for the children with special educational needs (SEN). In consequence of COVID-19, the socio-economic status of families is affected, as are parents caring for children with special needs. This state may also shake the level of stress among caretakers of children with special educational needs.