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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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Multidisciplinary approach in management of Heart Failure

Author(s): Savitri Vasudev Baikampady

Every Cardiac patient has got the potential to develop into Heart Failure (HF). Heart Failure is a complex clinical syndrome with multisystem disorder in which the heart fails to maintain an adequate circulation for the needs of the body despite a satisfactory venous pressure. It is often accompanied by effort intolerance, fluid retention and reduced longevity. Categorized to minimum seven types, major contributors for HF is neuro-hormonal activation along with mechanical overload that consequently leads to myocyte stretch / death, altered metabolism, blunted angiogenesis and left ventricular remodeling. Every failing heart strives for more energy that worsens after every beat. Even though present conventional Heart Failure Therapies have shown improvement in prognosis to some extent, it’s not possible for all to afford the same in poor and developing countries. Apart from Diuretics, ACEI, Beta Blockers, ARBs, RAAS and Inotrops there are many more pills which HF patients are forced to consume, as they fear death if not adhered to these medications. If we desire to provide them a better Quality Of Life (QOL), it’s not possible for a single system of medicine to manage this complex syndrome. As heart pumps out nutrients at the cost of compromised ventricular functions, treatments approach to one may not satisfy the other. Hence, holistic approach to failing heart that aims at constant improvement in energy production and thereby improving their QOL is the need of the hour. We will discuss various aspects of dietary guidelines, therapies and other evidence based strategies from Ayurveda that ensures better prognosis in patients of Heart Failure.

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