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Biomedical Engineering: Current Research

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Nanoencapsulation of coenzyme Q10 in secondary and tertiary nanoemulsions for enhanced cardioprotective and hepatoprotection during treatments with anthracycline and trastuzumab

Author(s): Quagliariello Vincenzo

ABSTRACT CoenzymeQ10 is a well-known antioxidant and anti- inflammatory agent with cardioprotective properties. However, clinical trials based on its oral administration have failed providing no significant effect on cardiac functionality. The main limitation of CoenzymeQ10 is based on its very low oral bioavailability and instability that limits dramatically its effects as cardioprotective agent. Herein we loaded CoenzymeQ10 in high bioavailable nanoemulsions (NEs) coated with Chitosan or Chitosan and Hyaluronic acid in order to improve its performance. We tested cardioprotective and hepatoprotective effects of CoenzymeQ10 loaded nanocarriers against doxorubicin and trastuzumab toxicities. Nanocarriers showed high stability and loading ability and increased cell viability both in hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes during anticancer treatments. We observed that these effects are mediated by the inhibition of lipid peroxidation and reduction of the inflammation. CoenzymeQ10loaded nanoemulsions showed also strong anti-inflammatory effects reducing leukotriene B4 and p65/NF-kB expression and Interleukin 1? and 6 production during anticancer treatments. In conclusion, nanocarriers loaded with Coenzyme Q10 placed the scientific bases for preclinical studies of cardio and hepatoprotection in HER2+ breast cancer-bearing mice treated with doxorubicin and trastuzumab.