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Clinical Nephrology and Research

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Organoids of the kidney as a possible nephrology tool

Author(s): Benjamin Garcia*

Kidney disease has become a worldwide public health issue, affecting over 750 million people and putting a significant financial strain on individuals. The human kidney's complicated architecture makes studying the pathogenesis of renal disorders in vitro and developing viable therapy choices for patients extremely difficult. Despite the fact that cell lines and animal models have improved our understanding, they still fail to capture crucial elements of human kidney development and illness at the molecular and functional levels. Organoids can be made from pluripotent stem cells or adult stem cells by carefully controlling signalling pathways. These self-differentiated organoids are now a promising technique for a new level of understanding of the human kidney, one of the most complex organs. Kidney organoids will be pushed to the next generation by newly established techniques improved by organ-on-chip and coculture with immune cells. We describe current advances in the use of kidney organoids in disease modelling, nephrotoxic testing, precision medicine, biobanking, and regenerative therapy, as well as creative ways for increasing their utility in biomedical research. The applications we present may aid in the development of novel clinical concepts.

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