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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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Overview of new rice -Oryza sativa L

Author(s): Jie Lu*

Rice is one of the thousand years crops that focus on more consideration by the public authority of Ethiopia to bring food security the country over. An exploration had been led on rice and delivered promising rice assortments by Pawe rural research focus in a joint effort with Adet farming examination community before. The goal of this show was to advocate and exhibit the recently delivered rice assortment for example PSBRC92 and to get criticism from the end clients. In the field show a sum of 50 rice maker ranchers were taken part and they have given their own ideas concerned the new rice assortment contrasted and the check once. Productive conversation was made between ranchers' rural specialists and scientists. At last ranchers have showed their advantage to utilize the new rice assortment, assuming that they have admittance to get the seed. By and large, every one of the partners have consented to accomplish more in amplify and advocacy of the new rice assortment and the paper will give a data to the perusers about rice assortment advancement research in Pawe as well as in Ethiopia. Oryza sativa, ordinarily known as Asian rice, is the plant species generally regularly alluded to in English as rice. It is the sort of cultivated rice whose cultivars are most normal around the world, and was first tamed in the Yangtze River bowl in China 13,500 to a long time back.

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