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Journal of Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences

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Pollen bee aqueous extract-based synthesis of silver nanoparticles and evaluation of their Anti-cancer and Anti-bacterial activities

Author(s): Hanan M. Al-Yousef

Bee pollens are rich source of essential amino acids and are often considered as complete food for human beings. Herein, we exploited the potential reducing abilities of Bee pollens extract for the ecofriendly preparation of silver nanoparticles (AgNPsG). The resulting NPs were characterized using a combination of microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. The analyses conï¬rm the formation of spherical Ag NPs. AgNPs-G obtained from the aqueous extract of bee pollens was used to study their antibacterial properties against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microbes using the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration 50(MIC50) method. The antibacterial properties of AgNPs-G were compared to the properties of chemically synthesized Ag NPs (AgNPs-C) using sodium borohydride as a reducing agent. The green synthesized nanoparticles (AgNPs-G) exhibited a better antibacterial activity against most of the studied strains when compared to the chemically synthesized Ag NPs (AgNPs-C). In addition, the anti-cancer activity of Ag NPs was also studied against human liver and breast carcinoma cell lines by applying MTT-assay. The Ag NPs demonstrated considerable anticancer activity against the studied cell lines and exhibited high IC50 values in both MCF-7 and HepG2 cell lines.

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