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Journal of Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Science

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Positive clinical psychology

Author(s): Monica Guzman* and Victoria Francis

In all areas of study and practice, this review advocates for the establishment of Positive Clinical Psychology, which has an integrated and equally weighted focus on both positive and negative functioning. Pleasant traits (such as thankfulness, adaptability, and positive emotions) can predict disorder independently of the presence of negative characteristics, as well as cushion the impact of bad life events, thereby averting disorder. Increased research on these traits can help clinical psychologists quickly extend their knowledge base and use promising new therapies to cure disorder by enhancing the positive. Furthermore, positive and negative characteristics cannot be studied or changed in isolation because (a) they interact to predict clinical outcomes, (b) characteristics are neither "positive" nor "negative," with outcomes based on the specific situation and concomitant goals and motivations, and (c) positive and negative well-being frequently exist on the same continuum. In response to criticisms of the Positive Psychology movement, we propose that clinical psychology evolve into a more integrative discipline, rather than studying positive functioning as a separate field of research. Conceptualizing well-being, creating deeper relationships with allied disciplines, rigorously analyzing innovative positive therapies, and contemplating a role for clinical psychologists in promoting well-being as well as treating are all on the research and practice agenda.

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