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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Psycho-social concepts Encountered by Health Care Professionals in Work place at Public Health Care Centers in Eastern Region

Author(s): Abrar Yousef Baksh*

Background: Psychosocial aspects may affect workers and the quality of care given and if they have a negative impact in psychological state and may lead to more problems like quality of care and intention to leave work in primary centers.

Aim: This study aims to explore the psychosocial aspect encountered by the Health Care Professionals as related to their work in Public Health Care Centers in Work place in Eastern Region.

Methods: A descriptive cross- sectional and correlative design was used. convenient subjects among 300 participants.

Results: Participated in this study is a group of health Professional a total 300 include (doctors, nurses, pharmacist, allied health personal), above half is Females (54,3%), Married (77%) Diploma degree (50.7%), Nurses was the highest rate of Health Care Professionals (34%) In psychological aspect the highest mean of employees are affection by their passion with client at work (Highest Mean: 3.78) the work for them was valuable and important (Highest Mean: 4.36) In social aspect their found the colleagues welcome to hear each other’s and sharing problems in work or life more than managers or supervisor (Highest Mean:4.11) In last aspect the environmental aspect they were encountered that the work required them to complete their work very quickly (Highest Mean : 4.06) and more than 8 hours a day (Highest Mean: 3.49), there is no variation in work they do the same task every day (Highest Mean:4.16) the family and friends they told them they work a lot (Highest Mean : 3.91).